Master the art of lungeing and you can work on improving your horse’s rhythm, balance and engagement.

Lungeing is an effective way to add variety to your horse’s exercise and schooling routine and has countless benefits for all equines, from improved balance to enhanced suppleness and engagement. It also allows you to watch your horse and understand how he moves and carries himself.

Lungeing is a skill that takes time, effort and discipline. To benefit your horse’s training most, you should keep accuracy and precision in mind — and if you’re new to it, ask someone more experienced to show you how to do it correctly.

Lungeing aids

The use of lungeing aids is often a hot topic amongst horse owners. Follow our golden rules to make sure you choose the right one:

1. Before using any training aid, make sure your horse is physically able to do what’s being asked. Using any gadget when he has an underlying problem won’t help at all.

2. Read the instructions before using the lungeing aid so you understand how it works and how to fit it. If you’re unsure, ask for advice from your trainer first.

3. Always start with the aid on the loosest setting so your horse gets used to wearing it. Adjust it gradually.

4. Don’t expect miracles. Any lungeing aid will only work if your technique is up
to scratch. Keep him moving forwards on the lunge and work him evenly on both reins.

5. Keep your sessions short to avoid injury and gradually increase the length of time
you use the training aid.

Here’s two useful lungeing aids that are designed to improve your horse’s fitness, suppleness and engagement.

Pessoa training aid

This aid works with your horse to find his optimum rhythm. It creates a fluid contact using ropes and pulleys to encourage him to work through his back and bring his hindquarters underneath him. It has a range of settings depending on your horse’s level of training.

Elasticated side reins

Made from soft webbing, the buckles on these side reins can be easily adjusted to alter the length. They also have an elasticated insert that allows movement during lungeing.

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