9 of the best lunge reins on the market

Mel Beale
Mel Beale
Choose from our pick of lunge reins before lungeing your horse

A lunge rein (sometimes called a lunge line) is the most integral piece of kit needed for lunging a horse. It’s also handy to use when long-reining or leading some horses out in hand, as it allows for more distance between the horse and handler without having to let go.

Correct lungeing is a skill that needs to be learned, practised and honed by both you and your horse. So as well as making sure you’re using the right lungeing aids and kit, you’ll need to ensure your technique is up to scratch too.

Lunge lines come in different lengths, and opting for one that is long enough to enable you to lunge your horse up to a 20m circle is a popular choice. Generally, a lunge rein has a loop handle for you to hold at one end (but never put your whole hand through it) and a clip at the other end to attach to your horse’s bridle or cavesson. Some brands will incorporate additional touches, such as distance markers, additional padding for comfort, or special clips.

Whichever lunge rein you choose, I recommend always wearing a pair of gloves when you’re using it. If the lunge rein suddenly pulls through your hands because your horse has spooked or bucked, for example, it hurts (a lot) if you don’t have anything on to protect them. Padded versions are often kinder on hands too. Happy lunging!

Shop for a lunge reinCushion Web Lunge Line

Cushion Web Lunge Line

Colours: Black, navy, red, purple, pink, raspberry, blue, orange, green, forest, grey, navy/ red, navy/ pink, navy/ Cambridge

Length: 8m

This soft tubular nylon web lunge rein features a swivel trigger clip at one end and a hand loop at the other.

Buying in the UK? RRP £9.99 Purchase here 

Ships internationally 

Cottage Craft Comfyweb Lunge Line with Markers Cottage Craft Comfyweb Lunge Line with Markers

Colour: Black

Length: 21m

This Comfyweb lunge rein has a handle loop and high-quality anti-rust trigger clip. It features 10m, 15m and 20m markers so that handlers can accurately work their horse to the desired circle size.

Buying in the UK? RRP £27.49 Purchase here

Ships internationally

Horze Lunging LineHorze Lunging Line

Colours: Dark blue, raspberry pink, turquoise blue

The Horze lunging line is made from soft, cushioned webbing material. The big durable snap ensures that it is safely connected to the lunging delta. The material offers an easy, secure grip.

Buying in the UK? RRP £10.99 Purchase here

Buying in the USA? RRP $16.99 Purchase here

Ships internationally 

Kavalkade Grip Lunging LineKavalkade Grip Lunging Line

Colour: Black

Length: 8m

This lunge line is made with rubberised rein material (without stop ridges) for improved grip and better handling. It has a loop at one end and clip at the other.

Buying in the UK? RRP £29.99 Purchase here

Ships internationally 

SHOWMASTER Lunge Rein Quick Change SHOWMASTER Lunge Rein Quick Change

Colours: Black, mulberry, marine, oregano

Length: 7.7m

This softly padded lunge rein is made from polyester, which the manufacturer states will not burn the skin. The unique design means the clip is easy to switch if necessary, as it is pulled through a loop rather than sewn on.

Buying in the UK? RRP £13.90 Purchase here

Ships in Europe

EquiAmi Lunge LineEquiAmi Lunge Line

Colour: Black

This lunge line is soft and padded with an extra-heavy weight solid brass swivel clip. The line features markers for 10m, 15m and 20m circles, which take into account the lower arm of the user. It comes in a hessian storage bag.

RRP £24.99 Purchase here

UK shipping only 

Shop for a double lunge line

Riders who are experienced at lungeing a horse may choose to use two lunge reins, with the second rein attaching to the outside of the horse’s bridle or cavesson, passing through the roller and running around the quarters, back to the handler’s hand. A double lunge rein helps achieve true engagement of the horse’s back end and a correct way of working without the weight of a rider on the horse’s back. However, it does require a high level of training on the handler’s part in order to do it correctly and safely.

Waldhausen Double Lunge Line Waldhausen Double Lunge Line

Colour: Black

Length: 18m

The rear part of this double lunge line has flat webbing which sits comfortably in the hand, and rotating carabiners attached with leather reinforcement. The front parts are plaited nylon which run easily through the guide pulley (sold separately).

Buying in the UK? RRP £28.43 Purchase here

Buying in the USA? RRP $38.88 Purchase here

Ships internationally

SHOWMASTER Double Lunge Rein InnovationSHOWMASTER Double Lunge Rein Innovation

Colour: Black

Length: 16m

This innovative double lunge rein consists of three parts. Thanks to the three snaps and the D-ring in the middle, it can be used as a double lunge rein, long reins and also as a single lunge line.

Buying in the UK? RRP £36.90 Purchase here

Ships in Europe

Imperial Riding Free Riding Double Lunge Line Imperial Riding Free Riding Double Lunge Line

Colour: Black

This double lunge line is made from a soft cushioned material with rolled cord at each end and trigger clips.

Buying in the UK or Europe? RRP £29.95 ($30.14) Purchase here 

Ships internationally 

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