#Hack1000Miles — How It Works

All of us at Your Horse HQ LOVE to hack – that’s why we tasked the nation to #Hack1000Miles in a year. It’s not just good fun, hacking is packed with lots of benefits for you and your horse too.

With thousands of you now on board, our challenge is back for a fifth, even bigger and better year. This is how it works:

  • Sign up. You can do that here. If you opt in for contact from us, you’ll receive our newsletters and exclusive offers too.
  • Join the Facebook group — Hack 1000 Miles. We’re regularly told it’s the “friendliest, most motivating and inspiring group” on social media.
  • Get your official progress tracker card for 2021 so that you can record your miles. It’s free with issue 477 (Spring 2021) of Your Horse magazine. Order online here.
  • Pledge to Hack 1000 Miles this year. You’ll find your pledge card on the back of the progress card. Fill it in, snap a selfie with it and share it with us and fellow Hackers on social media.
  • Share your hacking stories, images, videos — everything — with us and your fellow #Hack1000Miles challengers in the Facebook group. We love to see your adventures!
  • You’ll also find Your Horse on Instagram (@yourhorsemagazine) and Twitter (@YourHorse). Wherever you’re posting, always use the hashtag #Hack1000Miles — you might feature in the mag!
  • Show off your challenge with one of our awesome branded t-shirts and hoodies. Visit our shop here.
  • Subscribe to the official #Hack1000Miles magazine — Your Horse. We feature hacking and as many challengers as possible in every issue, including columns from your fellow riders. Check out the latest ££££-saving deal here.
  • Get out hacking – and remember, the goal is to HAVE FUN!

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The Golden Rule…

Remember, #Hack1000Miles is all about YOU! That’s what makes it so great. It’s your challenge; your own personal journey with your horse(s) and you can rope in family and friends too. Every mile you take is another mile closer to being a happier, healthier, more confident you. We promise you’ll notice the difference. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go hacking!

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