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Welcome to the NEW #Hack1000Miles leaderboard and digital tracker!

This is your first step towards doing something incredible; setting a goal to work towards with your horse and celebrating the super-duper-ness that is hacking.

Miles ridden and recorded from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023 count towards the 2022 challenge.

Please do not back date your miles to any ridden before this start date — we will ask you to delete them. This is a fun, free challenge, and it is important that it is a level and fair playing field for everyone involved.

You can do your miles on more than one horse (either create one profile to log all miles or create two profiles, one for each horse) and the miles can be done with you in the saddle or leading your horse in-hand.

The only rule is that only hacking (this includes fun rides) counts! Check out our How it works page for more information.

We know that every single mile you ride — from one to the mighty 1,000 and every mile in between — is one more step towards being a happier, more confident rider who is well-bonded with their horse.

Our digital tracker is NEW for 2022. Create your profile, add an image of you and your horse and start recording your miles today.

So come on in and join us — it’s one of the best things you’ll ever do!

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Top Hackers 2022

#NameTotal Mileage
1Fiona MacDonald428.61
2Rosie Martin316.30
3Janet Bowes310.70
4Jane Outterson290.00
5Sarah Blundell266.46
6Lisa Jones242.26
7Helen Chivers240.10
8Claire Alldritt232.40
9Mike Mills225.45
10Kirsty Davies225.27
11Amanda Hamley209.15
12Kim Offord199.90
13Shelley Ayling196.79
14Tracy Smith187.00
15Naomi Leicester184.70
16Emma Govan181.21
17Hannah Leslie177.50
18Kirstie Worswick175.13
19Catherine Wrigley174.10
20Alison Roberts171.90
21Emma Hayes171.59
22Jane Taylor168.39
23Keely Sol166.00
24Martina Diehl162.59
25Sarah Metcalfe160.35
26Pamela Bartrip157.70
27Lesley Moore154.80
28krissie Jones154.40
29Tammie Search154.40
30Amanda Barker153.00
32Ann Smith139.00
33Jane Bates137.53
34Amy George137.00
35Becky Clare132.59
36Danielle Rowles132.12
37Alyson Williams129.10
38Judith Clark127.80
39Anton Coburn124.00
40Jane Ballinger123.00
41Liz Paul122.50
42Leah Kirkpatrick122.10
43carmen eaton120.69
44Lynda Anderson120.30
45Faith Mason112.50
46Jane Borland109.00
47Heather Nowell108.30
48Tess Watkins106.96
49Chloe Watson104.90
50Jacqueline Corsie104.10
51Wera Arnz103.00
52Poppy Firth102.92
53Safron Chapman102.10
54Helen Elliott101.58
55Tanya Bishop100.60
56Beckii Cocking99.80
57Karen Arkle98.59
58Celina Carlile98.40
59Judy Featherstone96.50
60Tracey Jones95.65
61Linda Alliband95.00
62Judy Collins94.66
63Rebecca Clarke94.10
64Jane Milton93.90
65Pip Mead93.10
66Tracey Eves90.20
67Lisa Geer89.00
68Louise Deitch87.30
69Miki Waddington86.40
70Roisin Kelly86.00
71Clare WILLANS85.20
72Jen Birtchnell82.00
73Kt English80.46
74Sophie Joy80.40
75Emma Burrows79.20
76Barb Kingshott78.56
77Noreen Bishop78.37
78Charlie Madeley76.40
79Anne Woolley76.20
80Tonia Smith73.40
81Joanna Starkey73.08
82Emma Davies71.80
83Jackie Harding71.80
84Lucy Hancock70.30
85Victoria Stevens69.20
86Jo Pocklington68.10
87Jules Bowes Davies67.85
88Caitlin Kretzschmar67.40
89Sara Eblet67.30
90Corinna Storey66.00
91Claire Harper64.61
92Kat Stark62.99
93Angie Thyer62.40
94Lucy Higgins60.49
95Sally Lawless60.30
96Sarah Toyne56.70
97Annie Kingston56.20
98jesse phillips51.64
99Paula Needham51.50
100Claire Ridge50.20
101Laura Laing49.10
102Telea Watson49.00
103Hannah Swanwick46.60
104Michelle Watts46.30
105Sarah GILBERY46.00
106Terri Ellaway44.20
107Joanne Morrison43.46
108Aimi Clark40.85
109Bethany Hitchings40.30
110Tegan Barnard40.00
111Kim Oliver39.20
112Jackie Williams39.10
113Laura Hopkins39.10
114Rebecca Parsons38.71
115Jane Hoare38.70
116tracy dunn38.58
117Susan Dalgleish37.40
118Lucy Warby37.30
119Eleanor Johnson37.00
120Debbie Dyke36.03
121Louise Rowe36.00
122Dawn Hollis-Hogan35.98
123Dominique Emmanuel35.00
124Karen Musilova34.60
125Emily Norris33.20
126Sandy Shepherd31.30
127Raychell Langan31.00
128Stephanie Bateman30.70
129Aydan Wallis29.90
130Ava Saw29.80
131Linda Sweeney29.05
132Mel Whiston29.00
133Jan Tucker28.90
134Anne McEwen28.70
135Louise Brown28.50
136Claire Armitage27.90
137Hannah Mitchell27.09
138Victoria Poole24.66
139Sarah Povall23.04
140Karen Ireland22.00
141Kate Duffied21.50
142sharon joanes21.40
143Livi Edmunds21.10
144Louise Horwood21.02
145Holly Jackson20.00
146Gemma Hayes-O’Connor18.00
147Kylie Toms17.90
148Lana Hannah17.50
149Nicky Linn16.00
150Cassie Sheasby15.00
151Julia and David Arya14.70
152zoe kerry14.40
153Charlotte Taylor14.02
154Julie Davies13.80
155Chelsey Tyler13.00
156Samantha Murphy12.90
157Cristal Crooks12.90
158Paula Robinson12.80
159Jude Thomas12.70
160Emily Morey11.30
161Heather Bibby10.20
162Rachel Wild10.18
163Anna McKeown10.00
164Samantha Kirkby10.00
165debbie smirh9.26
166Wilma Wallace9.16
167Tracey Come9.00
168Joanna Wallez8.00
169Liz Reid8.00
170Beth Hitt7.80
171amanda kenny7.50
172Sarah Bettell7.00
173Chloe Turner6.99
174Julie Morgil6.40
175Kat Stark6.30
176Lizzy Baird6.00
177Emillie Long5.50
178Adam Torkelsson5.00
179Amanda Kenny4.50
180Laura Tapply4.40
181Samantha Ogden4.12
182Jemima Sayer4.10
183Joachim Sayer4.10
184Keily Townsend4.00
185Alex Storr3.90
186Joanne Ashmore3.70
187Katharine Paterson3.70
188Claire Le Brun3.20
189Tanya Mason3.00
190Ruby Arnell3.00
191Jo Sanderson3.00
192Alex King2.66
193Anne Keywood2.40
194Karin Frapporti2.29
195Nadine Smith2.00
196Rebecca Ashby1.70
197Alison Hibbert1.50
198Cathryn Burrows0.50
199Annette Hillcox0.50
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