5 ways to help your horse lose weight

Looking to help him shed the pounds? Olivia Colton MSc, Senior Nutritionist at Feedmark, shares her five top tips for weight loss

5 easy ways to form a bond with your horse


Ride the perfect XC warm-up with Harry Meade

The first principle of cross-country is to get your horse to travel from A to B

 Guide to buying a riding hat

Reduce your horse's stress

There are many signs of stress exhibited by horses so it’s worth keeping a look out

Calm a bucking horse with Jason Webb

A renowned UK based horse trainer with a passion for starting young horses

When riding goes wrong

Confidence coach Sandie shares her tips on how not to panic

  Boost your confidence with riding star Ruth Edge

Having ridden at the highest level in eventing and in dressage Ruth Edge knows how to iron out those riding worries

Horse lacking energy?

Here's six things you can do

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