Reasons for rearing

How understanding why your horse is rearing as will help you prevent the behaviour

Clipping tips

Produce a clip to be proud of with expert hints and tips from Vicky Goody of Clippersharp

Buying boots

Key features to look for when choosing a pair
of protective boots


Why they’re not just for showjumpers

Question master

Mark Phillips explains the importance of your horse ‘understanding the question’

Hack happy

Behaviour consultant Ben Hart explains how to cope with spooking and rushing

Confidence building

How to build your confidence from scratch after a break from riding

Joint supplements

Dr David Marlin explains the science behind the products


Inside our latest issue:

- Winter rug guide
- How rewilding your horse can build the perfect bond
- Handy care tips for the colder months
- Regain your jumping mojo
And much more!