How to keep him straight over a jump

Maintain straightness on the approach to and over a fence using a grid of three fences.

Five tips to help your horse be a happy traveller 


Does your saddle fit need checking

How your saddle fits will have a huge effect on both you and your horse’s balance. When it fits correctly, it will leave you both feeling more secure and confident.

How to conquer the cross-country startbox for a positive round

Entering the startbox at an event fills us all with mixed emotions

Napping fixes

It's high on the list of tricky habits to break, but with advice from trainer Jason Webb you can nip napping in the bud

Stop barging in its tracks with the help of Jason Webb

A renowned UK based horse trainer with a passion for starting young horses

Becoming a Para Rider

Para rider Sallyanne explains what happened during her coaching session

 Two easy to do techniques to help with riding nerves

Are nerves spoiling your riding fun? You're not alone - many riders suffer with confidence issues which makes their time in the saddle more 'clinging on' than 'kicking on.'

Balancers: when do you need them

With equine obesity on the rise, you could be forgiven for thinking that forage is more than sufficient for good doers


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