The topic of magnetic therapy for horses, which includes gear such as blankets, rugs and leg wraps, is a tricky one. There isn’t a huge amount of research behind it and much of what we think we know is anecdotal — that is, based on personal experience and opinions rather than science. However, magnetic therapy has been used for thousands of years on humans and animals, and it is widely thought that it could be beneficial for horses, too.

With the advent of modern materials, and the availability of strong magnets in smaller sizes, the number of magnetic products available to use on your horse is growing. Magnets can be easily integrated into horse rugs and blankets, as well as boots and other products. There are plenty of items for riders to wear, too.

What is magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is natural and non-invasive. However, it’s important to note that the magnets themselves don’t heal. Rather, they are thought to help support the right environment for the body — human, equine or otherwise — to heal itself. Magnets are believed to do this by supporting increased blood flow to the areas they are covering. The blood flow brings increased oxygen levels, helps remove waste products and aids reduction in inflammation.

Why is magnetic therapy used?

Magnetic therapy is used for a range of conditions, including the management of stiff joints and muscles, recovery after strenuous work and also for general relaxation. It is thought that magnetic therapy may help to increase the rate of healing when treating inflammation, swelling and the symptoms of arthritis.

With this in mind, it is thought to be possible that magnetic therapy may also a play part in the recovery process after a horse has suffered an injury or a chronic condition. Remember, magnets themselves do not heal (see previous paragraph), but many riders report that using a magnetic horse blanket for example is a good accompaniment to the recovery process.

Magnets are now integrated into a range of horsey products and each will contain a number of magnets that are positioned over key areas of the body. These make using magnetic therapy as part of your horse’s daily routine bothe quick and easy.

How does magnetic therapy work?

When you use a magnetic rug or boots on your horse, the idea is that a magnetic field is generated by the magnets when it comes into contact with your horse’s body. This magnetic field penetrates through your horse’s muscle and soft tissue, and cellular activity is increased. It is thought that this assists and increases the body’s natural healing process and helps to speed up recovery by increasing the rate at which cells regenerate and repair.

However, there is very little scientific evidence on exactly how magnets work to back up these claims. Beware very big claims that sound too good to be true, and if the product is said to have been created off the back of research, read it first. As I have already mentioned, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that magnetic therapy can be helpful, and there are many horse owners — including myself — who have seen the benefits of using magnetic therapy on their horses.

How strong is a magnet?

There are many different types of magnets available, and the strength of the magnet depends on its size and type. The strength of a magnet is often referred to in gauss. This is a measurement of surface strength of the magnet, which means it is what makes it stick to a metal surface. This surface measurement isn’t necessarily the level of therapeutic effect the product will have on your horse; it’s the magnetic field strength away from the surface that tells you how deep it penetrates the body’s tissues

Benefits of magnetic therapy for horses

Magnetic therapy can easily be incorporated into your horse’s daily routine. It is thought to play a role in:

  • Helping warm muscles up before and after work
  • Relieving tension and aid relaxation
  • Easing general stiffness
  • Reducing swelling
  • Boosting general well-being
  • Supporting the body to heal

While magnetic therapy may have a place in the daily care of your horse, there is one golden rule: you should always seek the advice of a qualified vet in the event that your horse is unwell or unsound. Magnetic therapy is not a replacement for medical care.

Shop for magnetic therapy products

From boots to massage pads, rugs and blankets, there is a big market of magnetic therapy horse products for you to explore. Here is a selection of what’s currently available:

Premier Equine Magnetic Poll Band

Pictured is the Magni-Teque Magnetic Poll Band from Premier Equine attached to a headcollar and worn by a chestnut horseThis magnetic poll band easily attaches to a headcollar. According to Premier Equine, its use may help reduce stress levels in nervous or anxious horses and the poll bands are endorsed by experts and trainers around the world. The poll band uses US magnet technology in magnets.

RRP £26

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Le Mieux Conductive Magno Rug

The inner liner of this magnetic horse blanket has a woven layer of steel fibres directly under powerful 2600 gauss twin magnets, over five key areas: the shoulder, elbow, hip, stifle and second thigh. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves around the lining, bringing the whole upper body within the magnetic field. A 3D mesh top releases any excess heat; lightweight mesh on the lower section encourages air flow.

RRP £299.95 (US$479.95)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

Veredus Magnetik Pro Pastern Wraps

Pictured are the Veredus Magnetik Pro WrapsThese easy-to-use wraps are made from a soft and breathable neoprene, and are lined and trimmed with Lycra for comfort. Six neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2,400 gauss each are carefully arranged in the wrap on the pastern area. They may help to reduce pain and swelling. According the manufacturer, these wraps will stimulate blood flow and speed up the elimination of toxins from the horse’s body.

RRP £39 (US$58.95)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

Equine Magnetix Magnetic Horse Rug

This is a lightweight polyester mesh magnetic horse blanket that can be worn on its own or under other rugs. It can be used in the stable or for travelling, and may help with general stiffness in your horse. The rug contains over 80 neodymium magnets — 2,000 gauss — that are believed to work with all the major muscle groups.

RRP from £145

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

FMBS Magnetic Therapy Universal Wraps

Pictured are the FMBS Magnetic Therapy Universal leg wraps, shown being used on a horse's hock, knee and fetlockThese wraps are designed to be used on any leg. They offer magnetic therapy to the horse’s knee, hock and lower leg areas. There are 16 strategically-placed circular magnets per boot, of 1,000 gauss per magnet. The wraps are lightweight and use a self-sticking closure system which makes them adjustable and easy to take on and off.

RRP £52.99

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps

Pictured are a pair of Equilibrium magnetic chaps on a horse's front legsThese magnetic horse boots from Equilibrium are designed to support mobility, aid joint function and maintain healthy tendons. They are said to be ideal for horses prone to fluid filled legs in the stable, those with chronic tendon problems, splints, bone chips, and general knocks and bumps. Each chap includes four movable magnets that you can place where your horse needs them. They are bought in pairs and come with a one-year guarantee. You can also use hot and cold packs in the chaps (purchased separately) and chaps for hind legs and hocks are also available.

RRP £79.99 (US$125)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetic Horse Rug with Neck Cover

Pictured is a chestnut horse wearing a Premier Equine magnetic horse rugMagnets have been stitched into the neck cover and other key places on this rug to cover the main muscle groups in a horse’s body. This magnetic rug can be used before exercise to help properly warm your horse and after exercise to ensure they cool down slowly. It uses USA magnetic technology and is thought to help maintain circulation, reduce muscle tension and aid recovery of muscles. This magnetic horse blanket comes in a reusable zip-up bag for easy storage.

RRP £185 (US$230)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy Rug

The Equine Balance Magnetic Therapy Rug is shown This magnetic horse blanket has eight large and powerful multipolar magnets which can be applied to the horse’s body where needed. The rug is lightweight and breathable; comfortable and durable enough to be worn while travelling or overnight in the stable. It is contoured to fit comfortably over the back and is raised and padded over the wither area. Each magnet is formed from 2600G magnetic material and emits a magnetic field reaching 120mm from the magnet’s surface. Presenting both north and south poles to the body in alteration produces a steep magnetic field gradient which is believed to increase the rate of efficacy compared to traditional bipolar magnets.
The magnets are inserted into detachable, flexible sleeves so as to sit close to the skin.

RRP £115 (US$152.26)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

LeMieux Conductive Magno Boots

A close up of a horse's front legs wearing a pair of LeMieux Conductive Magno Boots is shownThese smart boots contain a liner with woven layers of steel fibres directly under 18 powerful 2,600 gauss magnets. The steel filaments conduct magnetic waves evenly around the lining, bringing the whole leg within the magnetic field. The mesh rear vents release excess heat and an outer layer of bamboo ensures good wicking.

RRP £199.95 (US$185.50)

Buying in the UK? Purchase here

Buying in the USA? Purchase here

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