Looking for a horse rug that could play a role in aiding your horse’s good health and wellbeing? Therapy horse blankets promise many benefits, including aiding blood circulation, easing tension and supporting recovery. The amount of research varies from rug to rug, but many horse owners swear by them and include a therapy rug in their toolkit for keeping their equines in optimum health.

A therapy horse rug can be useful for a number of different occasions. You might choose to use one when a horse is cooling down after being worked, helping to alleviate sore muscles, or it could be handy for your horse to wear a therapy rug before they are ridden, especially if they have been standing in a stable for some time or are prone to stiffness. Your horse could wear a therapy blanket when travelling in a horsebox, or as an extra layer overnight. However you choose to utilise it, we’ve rounded up some of the top therapy horse blankets from some of your favourite brands, so that you can see what’s available now.

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Protechmasta Therapy Cooler Rug

RRP £169

Colour: Black/red

Sizes: 4ft 6in-7ft 6in

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This rug uses far infrared radiation which is a natural process Protechmasta says assists blood circulation gently and safely, helping to support healthy joints and soft tissue, maintain healthy blood flow, ease muscle tension, support recovery and aid in helping keep structures and functions sound. It can be used before and after exercise, all year round.

Bucas Therapy Rug

RRP £196

Colour: Navy/orange

Sizes: 5ft-7ft

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The rug’s Recuptex material is made from a fine, stainless steel mesh which “reflects the magnetic fields created inside the body”. This in turn is said to stimulate blood circulation and oxygen flow in your horse’s body and back, which heals and reduces both swelling and inflammation and promotes faster healing. This blanket features a stay-dry lining that helps wick away moisture, so it can also be used after washing down. There are attachment points at the neck and rear D-rings, so the rug can be used and secured under another Bucas rug.

Back On Track Rug Mesh ‘Mia’  

RRP £209.94

Colours: Black

Sizes: 115cm (5’6”) – 165cm (6’9”/7’)

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This therapy horse blanket can be used as a cooler, stable rug, or extra layer under other rugs. It is made using Welltex ceramic infused polypropylene fabric, with a thin mesh outer layer that aids breathability.

Catago Fir-Tech Walker Rug

RRP £175.95

Colour: Black, navy

Sizes: 6′-6’9″

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The rug is lined with woven ceramic particles covering the major muscle groups. It aims to provide increased comfort and warming of the horse’s muscles, tendons and joints. The rug has a secure fit with detachable cross surcingles and extra lining on the chest, which gives improved comfort.

Weatherbeeta Therapy-tec Fleece Combo Neck

RRP £104.99

Colours: Black/silver/red

Sizes: 5′ – 7’3″

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The rug aims to increase your horse’s muscle function and reduce the risk of injury, as well as reducing lactic acid build up in the muscles to aid with recovery after exercise or injury. Ceramic fabric is designed to reflect the horse’s own body heat via infrared waves, boosting the blood circulation to key muscle groups.

Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet

RRP £106.36

Colours: Black/orange

Sizes: 3’9″-7′

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The Rambo Ionic Stable Sheet is made from ring spun polyester with moisture management technology and Rambo Ionic Technology. The fabric is highly wicking and durable and the rug features double front closures, cross surcingles, a fillet string. Benefits of the therapy horse rug are stated as offering increased blood circulation, metabolism stimulation, increased oxygen delivery to blood cells, immune system strengthening, PH balance restoration and reduced blood pressure.

Sportz-vibe Horse Rug

RRP £629.95

Colours: Black/white

Sizes: S, M, L

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The Sportz-Vibe ZX Wireless Massage Rug houses massage panels which are removable, allowing you to target specific areas. Across the rug and neck cover are 15 pockets for the panels to go in, with the option to treat the neck, shoulders, back, and hind quarters. The panels feature built-in batteries, with a battery life indicator.

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