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Your Horse Issue 395

It’s no secret that being a horse owner isn’t always easy. It is, however, brilliant more often than it’s not! We get to enjoy the company and partnership of an animal we love, and share our passion with like-minded friends in our little horsey bubbles! So, as 2014 nears its end, we want to celebrate the people and horses in the equestrian world who’ve been an inspiration to us this year with the Your Horse Awards. To help us, you’ve all been casting your votes so find out who’s won what in this issue plus all of this….





Jumping Masterclass Find out how you can ride the perfect approach to every jump


Warm up like a winner Discover some easy ways to limber up before you ride


Perfect your position How to banish common positional faults with advice from Russell Guire


Train like Carl! Get his top training tips for riders all levels





Beat the burglars Simple ways to protect your yard and your horse


Bitting made easy Expert solutions from Hilary Vernon


Protect his back The latest way to learn about your horse’s spine


Develop his trust Tips from expert Garry Bosworth


Atypical myopathy The dangers of sycamore poisoning explained




Yard security Affordable security solutions to safeguard your yard


Hay up! Items that make feeding hay easier


Pick of the products A look at three innovative new feeds for your horse


Turnout boots on test Your Horse readers recommend the ones they’ve tried, tested and rate


New in the shops A snug winter coat, a handy rider diary, long boots, audio training and a warming winter horse wash

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