The February issue of Your Horse is on sale today! This month is packed full of expert advice, training tips, horse care essentials and the lowdown into the latest equestrian products.

Find out what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • The African safari that caters for all abilities
  • From exhilarating vistas to diverse terrain, we find out what Ireland has to offer horsey holidaymakers
  • #Hack1000Miles: Hacking in far-flung destinations
  • Work/ Horse Balance: Frankie Woodgate, the environmental forester and logger with four working horses
  • Take Five with film director Ashley Avis

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • NEW SERIES! To kick off our new rider fitness series, RiderCise founder Clare Gangadeen explains how to boost your core with a few simple exercises
  • Eventer Kitty King shares her tips and techniques to long rein like a pro
  • Showjumper Antonia Platt explains how to make six poles on the ground a real test of control
  • Conquer your fear of canter with Western body manoeuvres
  • Blitzing Bad Behaviour: Put a stop to a horse’s annoying habit of pulling back

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • Why successful wound healing involves more than just slapping on a cream or potion
  • The health benefits that come from rolling in mud
  • Delve into common eye injuries
  • #FitNotFat: Why laminitis should be on every horse owner’s radar

In Ask The Experts…

  • Rider rehab with online strength coach Chrissy Hawkins: The benefits of resistance training; why rehab takes time; combining rehab techniques; commencing a rehab programme; why strength training is so brilliant
  • Rider confidence with human soft tissue specialist and animal physiotherapist Emily Catford: Address your work/ horse balance; adopt a higher-achieving mindset; learn to stay in your own bubble; shrug off shoulder tension
  • Horse behaviour with equine behaviourist Lucy Butt: The right time to wean; what your horse’s head bobbing habits tell you; why won’t my horse load coming home?; girthing woes
  • Feeding with Baileys nutritionist Emma Short: Gastric ulcer diets; the nutritional benefits of peas; demystifying body condition scoring; how to make up mineral shortfalls

Competitions to enter…

  • Win a FreeSpace girth worth over £250!

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • The latest equestrian goodies to hit the market
  • Big test: Exercise rugs
  • Buyer’s Guide to slow feeders and stable toys
  • Cosy up with our pick of woolly hats and headbands

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