The August issue of Your Horse is on sale today, including a 32-page health and care guide! This month is packed full of even more expert advice, training tips, horse care essentials and the lowdown into the latest equestrian products.

Find out what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • Reining European eventing champion Nicola Wilson on looking forward to a second career after the tumble that changed her life
  • The incredible golden oldies turning their hooves to the #Hack1000Miles challenge
  • Work/ Horse Balance: Shantala Carr, the medical negligence solicitor with cob Zara on working livery
  • The importance of correctly labelling commercial social media posts
  • Take Five with War Horse equine make up artist Ali Bannister

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Schooling Solutions: Kim Ratcliffe helps a speedy stallion slow down and perfect his sideways moves
  • Your equine partner’s role in the big confidence equation
  • Blitzing Bad Behaviour: Make trips out less stressful by learning how to help your horse settle away from home
  • The 18-pole workout that packs a punch
  • How to get your seat more in sync with your horse

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • Why equine massage therapy is an indispensable health tool for equines of all ages and abilities
  • How new research has linked tendon injuries to ageing
  • Explore the link between jaw action and diet
  • #FitNotFat: How body condition scoring is an important tool in the war on waistlines

In Ask The Experts…

  • Riding advice with BHS senior coach Jennifer Green: The legalities of licensing; teaching a jumper to be careful; de-stressing on show days; the telltale sign that something is amiss
  • Behaviour with equine behaviourist Sean Coleman: What motivates a horse?; how to harness an equine’s intelligence from day one
  • Playing polo with professional polo player Giles Omerod: What equipment do you need?; finding the right pony; can I train my own mount?; how to get started
  • Rider confidence with NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist Tracey Cole: Fight off a fear of cantering; banish nerves by zoning out; be brave and hack alone; how logging progress can boost motivation

Competitions to enter…

  • Season tickets to Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials, including a cross-country course walk with a well-known rider worth £557 each
  • A place on an online equine massage course with Horses Inside Out worth £160
  • Veredus Biocare bundles worth £63 each
  • HY Equestrian Thelwell rugs worth £118 each
  • Coliflex Gastro-Joint Care 3kg tub worth £96 each
  • Gatehouse Ciana hat worth £160

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • The latest equestrian goodies to hit the market
  • Big test: Fly repellents
  • Buyer’s Guide to fly rugs
  • Protect your horse’s delicate facial skin with a fly mask

Inside our Horse Health and Care guide…

  • Why the knowledge of a registered farrier is matchless
  • Tips to survive common summer health concerns, including cracked hooves
  • Take care of their skin and coat health
  • Tackling pathogens
  • Affordable equine insurance
  • Why it is crucial for horse welfare to use a qualified fitter to check all tack
  • Weighing up workload and feeding
  • Harnessing the power of tumeric for horse health
  • Get ready for the challenge of flies and midges
  • Effective natural alternatives to traditional treatments
  • Feeding and fitness tips to thwart laminitis
  • Tailor-made testing programmes that take the worry out of worming

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