The January issue of Your Horse is now on sale! This month is packed full of expert advice, training tips, horse care essentials and the lowdown into the latest equestrian products.

Find out what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • We take a look back at 2023’s defining moments
  • Esteemed eventing coach Caroline Moore talks tandem skydiving, living with cancer and helping the next cohort of superstars
  • #Hack1000Miles: Should you listen to your horse when he says no?
  • Work/ Horse Balance: Bianca Dyer, the property development manager with a warmblood gelding
  • Take Five with international showjumper Edwina Tops-Alexander

In Your Horse’s Tack Fitting Special…

  • Keep your tack in pristine condition with our top tips from gold medal-winning groom Sarah Charnley
  • A well-fitting saddle is crucial for every horse, but who is qualified to do the job?
  • We look at the clever saddle that can accommodate a horse’s ever-changing shape
  • The girth that is going down a storm with horse owners
  • Girthing matters: We explore how this crucial piece of kit can affect our horse’s comfort and way of going

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • New series! Antonia Platt revolutionises one combination’s rhythm using just six ground poles
  • Head shy or naughty? The causes of bridling battles and how best to avoid them
  • Take back control the Western way: Learn the clever moves that will put you back in the driving seat
  • Training to Win: In an extract from her new book, coach Caroline Moore reveals her go-to accuracy exercises
  • Make sure your horsey hours count in the cold

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • How diarrhoea can be a tell-tale sign that something might  not be quite right with your horse
  • How homeopathy works is a bit of a mystery, but we uncover the facts
  • #FitNotFat: How and when to keep tabs on sugar intake

In Ask The Experts…

  • Bit fitting with qualified specialist bit fitter Angela Redrum: When to try a different bit; introducing a young horse to a mouthpiece; bits for lungeing; the signs your horse is happy in their bit; how to avoid bolshy bit-fitting behaviour
  • Moving yards with rider and yard manager Francesca Bradley: Coping with a yard move; handing over the care baton; questions to ask at a prospective new yard; the importance of a livery contract
  • Vaccinations with vet Danielle Johnson BVSc MRCVS: How vaccines work; should my horse have a strangles jab?; protecting older horses; can an inoculation make a horse feel ill?
  • Working Equitation with working equitation rider and judge Caroline Clinkard: What exactly is it?; can any breed give it a go?

Competitions to enter…

  • A Massage Pad Heathens from Equilibrium Products worth over £529
  • Dengie Hi-Fi Original Cinnamon Spice Duos and bobble hat worth over £30
  • Leather care bundles from Absorbine worth £55.50
  • Freepace girth worth £249
  • Exmoor Country Coverall from 3 Donkeys worth £195

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • The latest equestrian gear to hit the market
  • Big test: Long winter riding coats
  • Buyer’s Guide to products that can keep mud fever at bay
  • We shine a spotlight on the therapy rugs that could help to boost a horse’s wellbeing

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