The September issue of Your Horse is on sale today! This month is packed full of expert advice, training tips, horse care essentials and the lowdown into the latest equestrian products.

Find out what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • From war horse and drum horse to showing, dressage and endurance: How heavy horses are excelling under saddle
  • #Hack1000Miles: The heavy horses who make great happy hackers
  • Work/ Horse Balance: Lucy de la Pasture, the magazine editor and company founder with seven horses
  • Take Five with ITV Racing broadcaster Ed Chamberlain

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Schooling Solutions: Kim Ratcliffe teaches one rider how to engage her horse’s lazy hind leg with lateral work
  • Backing a young horse made easy
  • Break the cycle of lost confidence by reconnecting with your horse through Equipilates
  • Improve your position and rider better corners on the course with international showjumper Pippa Allen
  • How concentrating on the basics is key to improving your horse’s dressage moves
  • Blitzing Bad Behaviour: How to address your horse’s fear of injections through graded exposure

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • Colic uncovered: The very latest thinking on the number on equine killer, plus new treatments options
  • We explore the use and health benefits of kinesiology taping
  • Why targeted worming is essential for the future of equine health and the environment
  • #FitNotFat: When rotund becomes obese and the health implications for your horse

In Ask The Experts…

  • Changing disiplines with coach and producer Mark Cramb: How to introduce a dressage horse to jumping; how old is too old to swap disciplines?; getting a professional on board; banish fears of the unknown
  • Retirement livery with retirement livery owner Nicky van Dijk: What is retirement livery?; the right time to put them out to pasture; is my horse too young?; livery checklist
  • Ex-racehorseswith racehorse re-trainers Fred and Rowena Cook: The implications of taking one on; how to introduce groundwork; preventing training sourness
  • Competition turnout with show groom and rider Tabby Oliver: Plaiting a short mane; keeping plaits in place; presenting a traditional cob; tails: to plait or not?; plait rubs on the move

Competitions to enter…

  • Win a pair of Cavallo Linus dressage boots worth over £400

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • The latest equestrian goodies to hit the market
  • Big test: Riding gloves
  • Buyer’s Guide to clippers
  • The bridle bags that will protect your horse’s tack perfectly

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