• Suxxeed chrome helmet
  • Uvex Ceravent gloves
  • Uvex CRX700 gloves
  • Uvex helmet bag
  • Uvex backpack


  • Perfexxion II riding helmet
  • Uvex CRX700 gloves
  • Uvex i-performance gloves


  • Exxential II riding helmet

Three lucky readers will win one of these amazing prizes from riding helmet and glove manufacturer Uvex and Zebra Products.

The Uvex Suxxeed chrome riding hat combines sporty functionality, safety and comfort with elegant design. What makes this helmet special is its subtle combination of a matt-finished helmet shell and glossy chrome frame, creating a timeless look. The robust hard-shell helmet has an effective ventilation system and the 3D IAS system allows you to adjust the height and width of the helmet so it fits your head perfectly. The breathable liner guarantees a high level of comfort and can be removed for cleaning.

The Perfexxion II riding hat combines sportiness, climate control and safety. One of the safety innovations on this helmet is the outer shell, which has been extended on the back of the head. A cut-out for the ponytail makes for a comfortable fit.

The Uvex Exxential II is an ultra-light riding helmet with an innovative design that offers you a perfect ergonomic fit. One of its most important safety innovations is the lengthened external shell at the back. It ensures maximum protection, right down to the back of your head. The ponytail cut-out allows the helmet to sit comfortably on your head. This riding helmet provides full protection with amazing comfort. Ventilation ensures a cool head at all times and 3D IAS size adjustment allows it to be fitted to the shape of the rider’s head.

A good pair of riding gloves allow you to feel what’s happening down the reins without any bulk or restriction. Uvex produces a range of gloves for all disciplines. The Ceravent equestrian glove is made from a synthetic leather material that provides grip, but is lightweight and durable. The snug cuff of these short sports gloves is hardly noticeable, and they can be perfectly matched with all kinds of riding outfits.

The Uvex i-performance 2 is a highly elastic riding glove with maximum grip. Mesh panels on the fingers and back of the hand provide ventilation and great comfort. The Uvex CRX700 is a great autumn and winter glove. The Schoeller softshell fabric helps with moisture control and heat retention, as well as being wind and water repellent. Inside, a soft fleece material will keep your hands comfortable and warm. The materials used on the palm provide grip and the gloves adapt like a second skin thanks to the four-way stretch fabric. Also included in this prize is the practical Uvex helmet bag and backpack, to keep your hat and belongings safe and secure

*UK only

Closing date 11 November 2021

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