The Spring issue of Your Horse marks the relaunch of #Hack1000Miles. It’s a 3-in-1 special with the official 2021 tracker card and a 32-page Spring Product Guide inside.

Where to buy it…

What’s inside…

  • The Your Horse interview: Sister Mary Joy Langdon on her extraordinary life as a nun, running Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre in London and and being the UK’s first female firefighter
  • Work-horse balance: the boat crew worker juggling long shifts, a family and horses
  • Five minutes with classical singer and Hickstead director Daisy Honeybunn

In the Spring Product Guide:

  • The Hunger Games: is your horse The Fat One, The Working Foody, The Hot Head or someone else?
  • How obesity affects a horse’s digestive system, and steps you can take to help your horse now
  • How to ensure a laminitis-prone horse or pony receives a balanced diet when high sugar levels in grass means you’re having to limit his time at grass
  • Recent research findings into how effective a garlic balancer is at minimising nuisance flies
  • Key ingredients needed in the diet to help your veteran live for many more happy years

In the #Hack1000Miles relaunch:

  • All about the new prizes and milestone rewards up for grabs this year — plus the announcement of our brand new digital leaderboard
  • Challengers’ wall of fame: did your picture get in?
  • We do it for… Why riders take on this fun, free challenge and you should too
  • Roll of honour: celebrating some of the brilliant riders who made it to the 1,000-mile finish line

In Your Horse’s Training:

  • The benefits of flatwork: positive effects this fundamental training has for every horse
  • John Thelwall’s jumping position workshop: common errors he sees in the ring fixed
  • Ask a dressage judge: two List One judges explain where a lot of mistakes are made and how to avoid them
  • Better bascule in 30 minutes: Will Fletcher, son of showjumping greats Graham and Tina, explains how
  • Jumping at speed: after a long winter and lockdown with no competing, you might be rusty when it comes to judging how fast you’re going. Five-star eventer Simon Grieve shares his tips

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Spring fever: why some horses’ behaviour and temperament changes at this time of year and what you can do about it
  • Spring clean: essential jobs for a tidy up now that the weather is improving
  • Feeding medicine: a vet’s tips for getting even the fussiest of horses to eat all his feed when you’ve mixed in his meds
  • Make a grey coat gleam: step-by-step guide to removing stable and grass stains, as well as transforming dirty fetlocks and yellow-tinged tails
  • Watch his waistline: vet and BEVA president Lucy Grieve’s advice on the dangers of spring weight gain for every horse and pony

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • We showcase great new products available to buy now
  • Tried & tested: brushing boots
  • Spring clothing: the latest fashion for in the saddle and on the yard this spring

In Ask The Experts:

  • Saddle fit, including checks you can do at home
  • Facial expressions: what they tell you about your horse’s mood and understanding changes in behaviour
  • Sheath cleaning: why it’s necessary and how often it needs to be done. Plus, why this applies to mares too!
  • Flatwork fixes: how to perfect a square halt, improve the free walk and achieve a better canter strike off

Exclusive competitions:

  • Win horsey kit from Equipe worth over £1,000*
  • Plus feed, supplements, riding kit and more*