5 Premium memberships up for grabs to the Think Like a Pony online club*

WITH CHRISTMAS JUST around the corner, you may be struggling to know what to buy the pony-mad child in your family. Membership to the Think Like a Pony online club is a unique gift to give this festive season, and we have five premium annual memberships up for grabs.

Think Like a Pony is a leading organisation in the field of equine therapy, pony training and children’s natural horsemanship. The club’s aim is to educate young people in how to communicate with a pony and ride in balance. These valuable skills will help them to develop confidence, resilience and powerful communication skills.

The Think Like a Pony club is the UK’s first-ever virtual club dedicated to teaching children how to communicate with horses respectfully and how to ride in balance mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s made up of video lessons, e-books and worksheets that are supported by online horsemanship instructors.

The aim of this online club is to educate children and their families all about holistic horse care and pony training on the ground and in the saddle. It can help children to build a better relationship with their pony, as well as helping families to train their pony or resolve handling issues.

Ideal for children aged nine to 14, the club teaches members how to:

  • Communicate with a pony
  • Understand ponies and other mammals from a scientific perspective
  • Care for a pony holistically, from the ground to the saddle
  • Understand how their relationship with a pony teaches them about relationships with others.

Badges are awarded when a student completes their learning around each detailed topic to help motivate and inspire them to continue learning

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*UK only

Closing date 8 December 2021

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