Wimbledon Village Stables, the British Horse Society (BHS), the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London (TFL) teamed up earlier this month (13 January) to help educate drivers on the safest way to pass horses.

The ‘Close Pass’ operation was carried out in Wimbledon Village, where several drivers were stopped and educated on the safe speed and distance to pass horses on the road.

A spokesman for the stables said they were “very grateful” to the BHS and Metropolitian Police for their help in making the roads safer for equestrians.

Twenty two vehicles stopped during the operation and drivers instructed on best practice.

Reporting incidents

“Another major part of the BHS Safety Team ongoing strategy is to collect information about incidents and to map out hot spots across the country,” added a BHS spokesman.

“This is achieved through the ‘Horse i’ mobile app that gives an equestrian the power to report a road safety incident directly to the BHS.

“The evidence collected is then used to approach authorities to see what measures can be taken to further protect equestrian road users.

“Please take a look at the link and tell your friends. Download ‘Horse i’ today and help make change for the good.”

To find out more and download the Horse i app, visit www.bhs.org.uk/…/2021/march/new-safety-app-horse-i