The February issue of Your Horse magazine is on sale today – this month includes a FREE 2022 wall calendar, supported by Shearwater Insurance.

Here’s what’s inside:

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • Lottie Fry on the Olympics, her obsession with horses, and losing her mum when she was just 16
  • How to stay motivated to ride this winter
  • Social media: What does it bring to our lives?
  • Hack diary: Natalie Clark’s first hack on a new horse
  • Work/Horse Balance: The business director, dressage rider, and mum of one
  • Take Five with Dan Skinner, the man behind the blog Skint Dressage Daddy

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Psychologist Charlie Unwin explains how to optimise your confidence
  • Fix it: Prepare at home for successful indoor jumping
  • Learn how to ride and lead safely
  • Ross Cooper on the importance of getting the basics in place when training young horses
  • Dressage rider and trainer Nikki Barker shows you key exercises to help a hot horse

In Your Horse’s Care:

  • Headcollar safety: Thought-provoking research that anyone who handles horses needs to read
  • Hints and tips to cut down on yard jobs and have more time in the saddle
  • Vet notes: What causes heat and swelling in legs, and when it’s time to call the vet
  • Why running out of forage is so bad for health, and how long between top-ups is too long
  • How to prevent your horse from losing shoes
  • Sarcoids: We weigh up whether you should take the gamble and buy a horse that has one

In Your Horse’s Gear:

  • Best new products available now
  • Big test: Warm and waterproof winter gloves for yard work
  • On trend: Hats and headbands to keep you snug
  • Buyer’s guide: Help him breathe easy with a respiratory supplement

In Ask The Experts:

  • Winter riding tips: Schooling out on a hack; giving your horse a holiday; hacking a fresh horse
  • Herbal remedies: Boost his well-being; ease stiffness; help him to relax
  • Legal advice: Sharing a horse; loan agreements; having a horse on trial
  • Winter advice: Lowering the risk of colic; preventing mud fever; dealing with wet, muddy legs
  • Advice from Spillers: Help your OAP bloom with Senior Conditioning Mix

Where to buy it…