3 great cheats for grooming


Whether we like to compete, or just go for a leisurely hack, ensuring our horses look their best is a priority for us all. Check out these genius tips to give you the grooming edge

1 Tidy-up

If your horse’s mane or tail needs a little tidy up and he hates either being pulled, go for a pain-free approach to make the process easier for him. Some pro grooms swear by thinning scissors to do most of the work while others like Solocombs, which are used to trim hair without pulling. You can also try gently breaking off longer hairs by hand wearing rubber gloves.

2 Keeping hooves tip-top

Whether you want your horse’s hooves to look natural for day-to-day or flashy for competition, there are things you can do to keep them healthy and looking smart. Start with a balanced diet and for everyday care check out the various hoof balms on the market. There are hoof colour enhances and gloss hoof spray too – if you want to wow in the show ring.

3 Give him a lather

There are plenty of shampoos to give grey coats a boost, but if your horse is black, bay or chestnut, there are products to give you a helping hand, too. Lincoln’s Hint of a Tint shampoo can give these darker colours depth and shine, while Supreme products has colour specific blends. Groom Away has a shampoo just for coloured horses – amazing!

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