If you prefer a full tail, when it comes to show-time a top-notch tail plait will set you above the competition – read on for our easy-to-follow guide

On the morning of your event, to get started on your perfect tail plait first brush out your horse’s clean tail – you might find it easier to plait if you washed it a couple of days ago.

Smooth down any straggly hairs with a damp sponge or a small amount of styling product – your hairspray or gel will both work well. Then follow our step-by-step guide for the perfect plait.

1. Gather small matching sections of hair from either side of the top of his dock, as high up as you can

2. Cross one over the other in the centre of his dock, then take another section of hair from underneath on one side and pass it into the middle

3. Starting from the opposite side, alternate taking small pieces of hair from each side and merge into the existing sections of hair as you plait

4. Continue adding in hair until you’ve plaited to about three-quarters of the way down the dock

5. Stop adding hair and plait to the end of the tail. Sew up the end of the plait, double it up and sew into place. Hairspray down any loose hairs, or trim them off. Protect your plait during travelling with a tail bandage and you’re good to go!