Hoovering a horse? Yes, really. If you’re in the US, you’ll likely have seen or used a horse grooming vacuum before. If you’re in the UK, probably not. Grooming a muddy, dusty horse is a time-consuming job, and adding a horse grooming vacuum to your tack room could help speed up the grooming process so that you’re in the saddle sooner.

As the name suggests, this is a vacuum (or hoover) designed for grooming a horse. It’s a grooming practise that started in the States and is making its way around the world. They cost hundreds of pounds (or dollars/euros) and so are a big investment, or you can purchase grooming brush attachments that can be used on a normal hoover, like a Henry Hoover, for a fraction of the price. In the video below, you can see a horse grooming vacuum being used, and we’ve put together a list of different models available to buy around the world. You can see the SHOWMASTER Horse Grooming Vacuum being used in the main image above.

Why use a vacuum?

1 Get a deeper clean

A curry comb is a great tool for loosening dust, dirt and hair ready to be brushed off, but sometimes a body brush or dandy brush don’t quite get to the roots and it still feels like there’s debris left behind. A vacuum offers a deeper clean as it can suction dust and dirt out from the root, leaving nothing behind in the horse’s coat. We’d advise not overdoing it though — there are essential oils in your horse’s coat that needs to stay there.

2 Speed up grooming time 

On the days when you don’t have much time to spare, a horse grooming vacuum saves you time and elbow grease. Quickly running the vacuum over your horse’s coat — when there’s no dried or caked mud on them — saves you having to brush over them with multiple brushes. Grooming is a great way to bond with your horse though, so don’t speed up the process too much.

3 A good alternative to a bath 

Washing a horse can take time, and isn’t fun for horse or handler in winter, particularly if you don’t have a hot water shower. A horse grooming vacuum gives your steed a deep clean without the need to get them wet and having to dry them. It would easily remove any loose hair from the body of a horse who has just been clipped, too.

4 No clean up afterwards

Vacuuming leaves no dust or debris on the ground, giving you one less thing to worry about as everything is sucked into the machine. No yard sweeping required! Just remember to empty the vacuum regularly.

5 Vacuum more than just your horse 

The vacuum is suitable to use on other pets, including dogs. It’s also handy to have for cleaning your car or lorry after an outing, or your tack storage containers during a spring clean. You can buy different head attachments for each.

Watch a horse grooming vacuum in action:

What are the downsides?

1 Your horse needs to get used to it 

As with anything new, your horse has to learn to accept the vacuum. It can take some time for them to grow accustomed to the sound and sensation, in the same way they do for clipping. It might take some horses longer than others to do this, and a few might not ever enjoy the sensation. Some users have reported that vacuums can give a static shock — something to keep in mind when hoovering your horse.

2 It’s another thing to take care of 

A horse grooming vacuum must be emptied, cleaned and stored properly after use in order to ensure it continues to function at its best and to prevent damage or rusting. Similar to the level of care you give your horse clippers.

3 Less time to bond 

We’ve already touched on this; grooming is a great way to bond with your horse if they enjoy it, and vacuuming reduces that time together.

4 The expense

Once your brushes are purchased, they are free to use and have no usage costs. However, a horse grooming vacuum has a high price tag and requires electricity to use.

5 Hoovering at home might be enough 

If you hate hoovering your carpets at home, you may not enjoy vacuuming your horse as well. Many riders would much rather put off home chores in favour of cleaning tack and scrubbing water buckets, so why would you want to bring hoovering onto the yard?

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Where to buy a horse grooming vacuum

SHOWMASTER Horse Grooming Vacuum Cleaner

The SHOWMASTER horse vacuum cleaner offers optimal suction power and is nevertheless quiet. It has a 5m cable offering greater distance from a mains socket, perfect for use on the yard, and can be used for wet and dry cleaning of horses and ponies. The vacuum is suitable for sensitive steeds with its low noise. It has a 15 litre capacity and is easy to empty with no filter bags necessary.

Buying in the UK? RRP £109 Purchase the vacuum here  Brush attachment sold separately

Buying in Europe? RRP €219 Purchase the vacuum and hose here

SHOWMASTER sell the required attachments for the vacuum. These include a 4m hose (RRP £79.90) and three brush head attachments: a body brush with medium-soft bristles (RRP £22.90), a curry comb (RRP £21.90) and a massaging brush (RRP £21.90).

Haas Horse Vacuum Cleaner

This powerful and effective horse vacuum cleaner offers a simple and fast clean. It comes with a 3.5m horse and 8.2m cable provide plenty of room to move it around. It also comes with three attachments: a comb, a brush and a hedgehog attachment. These quickly and effectively clean your horse’s coat, leaving behind a perfect shine. It has a tank capacity of 10 litres, and can be used with or without bags.

RRP €460 (ships internationally) Purchase here

Rapid Groom Livestock Horse Vacuum

The Rapid Groom Livestock vacuum is portable and powerful, offering a thorough groom. It leaves the natural oils for a shiny, lustrous coat.

Buying in the US? RRP $535 Purchase here 

Doesn’t ship outside of USA or Canada

30 Gallon Twin Turbine Horse Vacuum

This vacuum has a large 30-gallon capacity, allowing you to vacuum countless animals without having to stop and empty the container. It is mounted onto a cart for easy mobility.

Buying in the US? RRP $883.50 Purchase here

Doesn’t ship outside of USA or Canada

Electro-Groom Vacuum

This powerful vacuum removes dirt, loose hair, dandruff and odour from your horse, while leaving behind the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look. It can also be used to dry your horse with the blower attachment. It comes with a 10′ hove, serrated nozzle, vinyl spaghetti brush and blower tip.

Buying in the UK? RRP £1,250 ($1079.99) Purchase here

Ships internationally

Vac ‘n’ Blo Pro Horse Vacuum

This vacuum cuts grooming time in half with its super suction. It also doubles as a blower to dry coats evenly and completely, leaving hair smooth and lustrous. The vacuum is portable and lightweight, and comes with a permanent cloth filter, three replacement filter bags, two 6′ flexible hoses with air control, hose attachments (air concentrator, air flare and grooming rake) and three combo brushes (grooming, curry and pin combo).

Buying in the UK? RRP £570 ($493.99) Purchase here

Ships internationally

Groom Hero Vacuum Grooming, Cleaning and Horse Brush Kit

This brush attachment connects to your vacuum and removes loose hair and dirt. It includes two interchangeable brush inserts, and the universal vacuum adaptor means it can connect to virtually any vacuum cleaner.

Buying in the UK? RRP £38.26 Purchase here

Ships internationally

Groom/n/vac Purple Hearts Vacuum Grooming Brush

This multi-brush is a single brush head with three unique interchangeable inserts — a stiff dandy brush, a medium body brush and a soft polishing brush. The attachments fit onto a Henry Hoover. It also comes with a 2.5m hose, serrated blade tool insert to help remove hair from rugs and numnahs, and a carry bag.

Buying in the UK? RRP £59.99 Purchase here

Main image credit: kramer.co.uk

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