• Uvex perfexxion II XC
  • Uvex helmet bag
  • Uvex Tocsen button
  • Uvex backpack
  • Uvex Ceravent gloves
  • Uvex I-performance 2 glove


  • Uvex perfexxion II XC
  • Uvex Ceravent gloves


  • Uvex exxential II

Three lucky winners will each receive one of these amazing prize bundles from popular riding helmet and glove manufacturer Uvex and Zebra Products.

Items include the Uvex perfexxion II XC (pictured above), a slim, lightweight and ergonomically designed helmet with no peak, making it suitable for cross-country competitions. The innovative outer shell extends over the neck to ensure maximum safety for the back of your head, while the ponytail cut-out is a useful feature if you have long hair. It also features the Uvex dynamic ventilation system, with large air channels in combination with a honeycomb structure to help keep your head cool.

An ultra-light riding helmet, the Uvex exxential II features a lengthened external shell at the back for maximum protection. The ponytail cut-out allows the helmet to sit comfortably on your head, and the ventilation ensures a cool head at all times.

Both helmets have the IAS 3D size adjustment, which enables them to be fitted to your head shape.

A good pair of riding gloves allow you to feel what’s happening down the reins without any bulk or restriction.

The Ceravent equestrian glove (pictured below left) is made from a synthetic leather material that provides grip but is also lightweight and durable. The snug cuff is hardly noticeable, and can be perfectly matched with all kinds of riding outfits.

The Uvex i-performance 2  (pictured left) is a highly elastic riding glove with maximum grip and mesh panels on the fingers and back of the hand to provide ventilation and comfort.

The Uvex Tocsen Crash Sensor is designed to help keep you safe when you are out riding. The sensor attaches to your riding hat, and in the event of a fall works together with the app to ask out loud whether you are okay. If you do not respond, the app alerts your list of emergency contacts and all the Tocsen community users nearby, allowing you to get the help you need.

First prize also includes the practical Uvex helmet bag and backpack, to keep your hat and belongings safe and secure.


*UK winners only

The closing date is 21 July 2022

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