1 winner* will receive an Equipe Double Adjustment Grackle Bridle

As used by top showjumper Ben Maher on his team of horses, including Explosion W.

The bridle is made by Equipe and is beautifully crafted using Sedgwick leather, with an anatomic No Stress headpiece

that prevents unnecessary pressure to the sensitive poll area.

The central disc of the grackle noseband has a sheepskin pad and is made from Italian leather for a touch of luxury.

The throat-lash and noseband have a double buckle system for a perfect fit. Stainless steel buckles and contrast stitching complete the high-end look of this bridle.

18 winners* will each receive a 20kg bag of Speedi-Beet

This highly nutritious micronised (cooked) beet pulp feed from British Horse Feeds provides an excellent source of digestible fibre and is suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis as part of a balanced diet.

Due to its unique manufacturing process, Speedi-Beet can be soaked and ready to use in just 10 minutes and is extremely palatable and can be fed to a range of different horses.

It’s also starch-free and unmolassed, making it 95% sugar-free. Feeding Speedi-Beet before turnout can help stabilise the ingestion of sugars present in spring grass.

1 winner* will receive the Pregnancy Fitness for Riders course and the Post-Natal Fitness for Riders course from Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride has put together these two targeted programmes. Pregnancy Fitness for Riders is a three-hour, self-paced exercise programme to help maintain riding-specific strength and fitness during the second and third trimesters.

Post-Natal Fitness for Riders is a four-hour, self-paced programme to help regain strength and stability around the pelvis and upper body.

It includes exercises and advice for the physical side effects of caring for a baby.

Both courses have been created by chartered physiotherapist Louise Towl. They are safe for all women without complications,

and for most women with complications provided that advice of a healthcare professional is sought prior to starting.

Two winners* will each receive a Cavalor Combi Box

Each Cavalor Combi Box contains LaminAid (1 litre) and Podosens (500ml)

Cavalor LaminAid is recommended for horses and ponies with sensitive hooves due to metabolic problems.

It contains a unique, balanced combination of several essential oils including Eucalyptus globulus, Allium sativum and Betula alba.

LaminAid supports the sensitive intestinal flora and brings hormonal and metabolic processes into balance while improving blood flow in the hoof.

Cavalor Podosens is a hoof oil that helps to provide external relief for sensitive hooves and contributes to their faster recovery.

It contains some of the essential oils that are also present in LaminAid, including Betula alba and Eucalyptus globulus.

The closing date is 31 March 2022

*UK winners only. 

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