A horse and rider were left shaken and injured after a dog attack in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, on New Year’s Day.

Adam Walker was riding his horse, Jaws, with his pony, Tess, ridden by Laura Evans, when the incident took place.

They were at the top of a hill in Camp Hill when they saw a walker, who appeared to be looking for a dog.

“I spotted the dog, it was a few hundred yards away on the opposite side of the field,” Adam told Your Horse.

“We stood patiently waiting for him to catch the dog before we passed, and we thought he’d put it on a lead, so we moved on, but the dog charged straight at us flat out.”

Adam turned Jaws to face the dog but it continued to approach.

“It went straight under and was jumping at his belly and biting his legs,” he said.

“My horse was going berserk, bronking and rearing. Eventually I came off and the dog tried to attack me, it ripped my coat and I had to hit it with my stick.

“I managed to keep hold of the reins. I was on floor with the reins in one hand and whip in other. I managed to get up and my horse was spinning round, and the dog was still trying to get [to him].

“My horse then kicked his back legs and double barrelled the dog five feet behind him. The dog yelped and I heard an almighty crack, I thought my horse’s leg had broken.

“Luckily my horse was ok, it was the dog. It thought better of attacking me. Laura jumped off when she saw dog limping towards her. She hit it with her stick and it went, walking away down middle of road.

“At that point bloke said, ‘Are you alright? I’m sorry’, I said, ‘No, my ankles busted’ and he just walked off.”


The pair returned to the yard with the horses.

Adam injured his arm and sprained his ankle and 23-year-old Jaws had teeth marks and scratches on his leg.

Jaws was checked by a vet, who said he might have a sore back, but otherwise his injuries were superficial.

The farrier came out to re-shoe Jaws, as his shoes had become twisted during the attack. Adam said his horse was “traumatised” by the ordeal, and didn’t roll for days.

Adam has owned the Irish sport horse since he was 11 and they enjoy hunter trials and hunting together, as well as hacking.

Thankfully they have returned to hacking, but Adam is not as confident as he once was.

“It did shake me up an awful lot,” he said. “Talking about it makes my hands shake, remembering it makes me start to shiver.

“I have ridden out quite a few times since, but if I see a dog off the lead I get off straight away to protect horse and so don’t get catapulted.”

Laura and 19-year-old rescue pony Tess were not hurt in the attack.

“Luckily it happened to me rather than Laura,” added Adam. “She is only 17 and for younger rider it would be difficult.”


Adam is now calling for stricter laws surrounding out-of-control dogs and has spoken to his local MP and the British Horse Society, where he is on a local committee.

“This year I plan to push the government to take an interest in responsible dog ownership,” he said.

“People shouldn’t feel scared to walk down the street or ride a horse, that they’ll get attacked by a random dog.

“With dog ownership going up it is getting dangerous for all concerned.”

Police have launched an investigation following the incident, which happened just before 11.30am on 1 January.

Anyone with any information should call Warwickshire Police on 101, quoting incident 207 of January 1.

Alternatively they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

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