The Horse Trust has honoured the life of former resident Shetland pony Uncle George, in a memorial sculpture.

The life-size sculpture, which took nearly two years to create, was made by artist Ron Lawson, who was commissioned to create the piece.

Ron said he was “extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Uncle George before his passing, making the creative process even more special”.

The piece was created in metal that reacts with environmental elements and over time this will give the sculpture its own unique colouring.

The Horse trust will lay George’s ashes to rest under the sculpture.

The Horse Trust’s oldest resident

Uncle George was charity’s oldest resident, living to the age of 43 before sadly passing away last year.

The much-loved Shetland was taken in by the charity in 2004, after arriving with other Horse Trust resident Briar from Battersea Park Children’s Zoo.

He became known as Uncle George in 2012 when six-week-old rescue Teddy arrived to the sanctuary having been abandoned on a roadside.

Once Teddy had recovered from his ordeal, George was chosen as the Godfather to the little foal as his nature was extremely gentle yet he would still “keep the youngster in line when necessary!”

Briar checks out the magnificent life-size sculpture

Over the years they developed an “unshakeable bond which as incredibly heart-warming and magical to see”.

Jeanette Allen, CEO of The Horse Trust, said: ‘There are simply not enough words to describe George. He was a total sweetheart, a national educator in the great rug debate and an amazing foster dad to young Teddy.

“We know how loved he was and we are incredibly thankful for all who attended the unveiling to honour his memory.”

George enjoyed a long and happy retirement with The Horse Trust

Top image of Horse Trust Teddy admiring the sculpture of his special companion

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