Bertie had to be cut free by the fire brigade Photo: Allanah Priestland-Hearn

A horse is recovering after he was spooked by mopeds and fell into a ditch.

On the evening of Wednesday, 14 April, Allanah Priestland-Hearn and Bertie were out hacking near Porthtowan, Cornwall, when a number of mopeds approached and failed to slow down.

The noise of the bikes caused Fleur, whom Allanah’s mother was riding, to rear and spin at the side of the road.

“Bertie didn’t really know what she was doing, but as she is mareish he knew that he had to get out of her way,” said Allanah. “He came off the road into a ditch on the left-hand side. Luckily, I managed to dismount and get out but Bertie was stuck.”

It was around a 5ft drop and the grey gelding, who had become tangled in the brambles and gorse, had to be rescued by the fire brigade. Four firefighters from Tolvaddon Community Fire Station used a saw to cut branches away so that Bertie could be led out of the ditch.

“The fire brigade were amazing and came pretty fast. We’re so grateful,” added Allanah.

“Bertie was a little saint and waited for us to get him out. Although he was shaking and sweating, he was responding to my mum and I speaking to him.”

Allanah added that if the mopeds had slowed down, the incident may not have occurred. She confirmed that they were wearing hi-vis.

Bertie is recovering at home. Photo: Allanah Priestland-Hearn

“It takes seconds to slow down; why not avoid situations like this?” she said.

“They didn’t stop or slow down even after me and Bertie disappeared off the side of the road. Bertie was just using his instinicts to get out of Fleur’s way.”

Bertie is recovering at home.

“He is okay, very shaken and has some injuries, we will of course have to keep a close eye on him,” said Allanah. “We are all back in one piece — that’s the main thing — and praying Bertie will make a speedy recovery.”

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