An equine charity has been given a welcome boost by their local police force, who donated more than 30 rugs to help raise funds. Bransby Horses is calling on the public to also donate any items to help their equine residents, as these vital contributions allow the charity to continue their work.

The rugs from Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are now on sale through the Bransby Horses’ eBay store. Bransby Horses has taken in a number of retired police horses over the years, most recently, former Manchester Police horse Steele, who is now settling into his retirement with the charity.

“Without these donations of rugs and tack we simply couldn’t do what we do,” said Digital Fundraising Officer, Lauren. “We always ensure the farm is well stocked with rugs for our animals, but we also have a popular eBay store for which we gratefully receive donations, no matter how big or small.

“If you have anything you no longer use, or have some seconds you don’t really know what to do with, please do consider donating to us.

“Last year GMP Horse Unit very kindly donated a prize of a tour round their stables for our special eBay auction. We have a great relationship with the unit and take in some of their retired horses to live out their retirement.”

‘Incredible insight’

Four members of the Bransby Horses fundraising team went to collect the rugs last month. Upon arrival the team were met by head groom Charlotte, who gave them a tour around the yard. They also watched two officers in training with their horses who were preparing to head out into their new roles in the Mounted Police horse unit.

One of the officers in training had never sat on a horse before but was on week 10 of his training and already able to complete jumping exercises with his horse.

“Bransby Horses would like to say a huge thank you to Charlotte, who gave the fundraising team an incredible insight into how these amazing animals support the police force day to day. And also for generous donation of rugs,” Lauren added.

All Bransby Horses’ tack, rugs and donated goods are listed on eBay or for sale in the Donated Goods Shop, which is at the Bransby Horses Visitor’s Centre and open to the public.


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