The June issue of Your Horse is on sale now! Highlights include celebrating Her Majesty The Queen and her love for horses — including what it’s like to ride for the Monarch — plus why competitions are won before you even get there, effective ways to develop a more secure seat, how to ride a perfect give-and-retake and plenty more!

Scroll down to find out exactly what’s inside the latest issue.

Here’s what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • Celebrate The Queen and her horses in the run-up to the jubilee
  • Grassroots eventer Hannah Green shares her long battle with Lyme disease
  • What makes a good hacking horse?
  • Social media: Getting noticed for the right reasons
  • Work/Horse Balance: The founder and designer of 3 Donkeys equestrian workwear brand
  • Take Five with author Stephanie Mason

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Develop a more secure seat with physiotherapist Maeve Sheridan
  • Fix it: How to nail give and retake the reins in a dressage test
  • Preparing your horse in the run-up to a competition
  • Maximise your marks in a dressage test with Kate Cowell
  • JP Sheffield boosts your cross-country confidence

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • Improve your bond with your horse by learning how he relates to you
  • Vet notes: The complex fetlock joint
  • #FitNotFat: Body condition scoring four differently shaped horses
  • How horses bruise their soles and why it’s problematic
  • Advice on loading a reluctant traveller

In Ask The Experts…

  • Feeding advice: How much a horse on grass will eat; horses with different dietary needs; setting a target weight
  • Farriery: Early signs of laminitis in the hoof; how your farrier can help with a suspected abscess; flat feet and bruising; hoof temperatures
  • Building a bond: Establishing your relationship with a new horse; settling an anxious horse in new environments; working well together on the ground
  • Riding advice: Pole work for suppleness; tips for effective lungeing; how to help a horse with an aversion to walking through water

In Your Horse’s Gear…

  • Best new products available now, from fly sprays to competition gear
  • Big test: Bridles – find the best version for your horse
  • On trend: High style, low-hassle show jackets
  • Buyer’s Guide to coordinated kit

Competitions to enter…

  • Win tickets to the Magic Millions Festival of British Eventing

Where to buy your copy…