A scientist has won a welfare award for his dedication to equine welfare research.

Dr David Marlin received the award from the British Horse Society (BHS) for “excellent service by an organisation, business, or professional person in the cause of equine welfare”.

David has dedicated his life to equine research, working with organisations such as World Horse Welfare and the FEI to deliver unbiased scientific research and advice.

His research continues to benefit horses on an international level, and allows owners and riders to find practical solutions backed by scientific evidence.

Welfare Award winners with BHS President, Martin Clunes

“I am really grateful to whoever nominated me for this, and for the BHS who decided to give me this award,” he said.

“No scientist really gets this just on their own, there are many people who have helped me contribute to horse welfare over the years – Brian Singleton, the Animal Health Trust, Dr Andrew Higgins, many of the scientists I have collaborated with, professor Bob Schroter from Imperial College, Dr Jane Williams from Hartpury University and Dr Kirsty Pickles of Nottingham University.

“I’ve also been lucky to have the support of many different organisations including World Horse Welfare, Roly Owers, BEVA [British Equestrian Veterinary Association], and David Mountford, and the FEI.

“I’m really privileged to receive this award and I’d like to thank everyone who helps me in the quest to improve horse welfare.”

David received his award from BHS President, Martin Clunes, alongside the other Welfare Award winners from 2020 and 2021.

“A big congratulations to all the BHS Annual Award winners from the past year,” said BHS Chief Executive James Hick. “These awards are our way to reward and recognise the incredible achievements of our volunteers, supporters and partners, whether that be expanding equestrian access, improving equestrian welfare, campaigning for equestrian safety and more.

“We are hugely grateful for the valuable contribution made by all of our volunteers, without whom the Society simply wouldn’t be what it is today!”

Details of further BHS Welfare Award winners to follow at yourhorse.co.uk

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