Owners are invited to join a discussion surrounding equine euthanasia, so they can ensure they are providing the very best welfare for their horses.

The talk, organised by the British Horse Society (BHS) Isle of Man Committee, takes place tomorrow (Monday 27 February) and will involve experienced equine vet Suzanne Green. Suzanne will discuss what is involved in euthanasia, the importance of having a plan in place and how to assess quality of life.

“Suzanne is highly knowledgeable in this field, allowing you to receive the best information on a sensitive topic,” a spokesman for the committee said.

The six-strong committee have been awarded a Chairman’s Commendation for their work in promoting equestrianism on the island, and their Chair also won the Bodynfoel Award for her work in promoting the work of the BHS over the last three years.

Delayed euthanasia

Delayed euthanasia is considered the most urgent equine welfare concern affecting equines on an individual basis globally, according to the charity.

The online webinar is relevant to all owners and those who care for equines, rather than just those with elderly or unwell horses. Resources will be provided to refer to after the session that will aid in knowing how to assess a horse’s mental and physical wellbeing to understand their quality of life.

“Though this is a difficult topic to think about, it’s important to always be prepared and ensure that the horse’s welfare is put first,” added the spokesman.

The webinar will take place on Monday 27 February, 2023 from 7:30-9:30pm. There are two ticket options: “Watch Live”, when you attend the event as it happens, and “Watch Later” when you can watch a recording of the event at a time that suits you. The recording will be available to watch for seven days from the upload date.

Both types of tickets cost £5 per person, plus Ticket Tailor and Stripe booking fees. They can be purchased by clicking here.

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