Looking for some hacking inspiration this autumn? Lifetime equine insurer Agria is inviting riders to take part in The Agria Ride later this month (22 and 23 October) to raise money for Riding For The Disabled Association (RDA).

Taking on the challenge is a great way to add miles to your #Hack1000Miles efforts while contributing to a great cause. For every rider that takes part, by simply going for a hack and then sharing a picture, Agria will donate £5 to the RDA.

Top dressage rider Gareth Hughes is one of the company’s sponsored riders and is an advocate for spending time outside the arena with your horse.

“Hacking is important for keeping our horses in peak physical and mental condition,” he said. “Uneven ground and hill work is good for keeping tendons and muscles supple and strong, while a relaxed ride through the countryside provides variety and is great for horses’ brains and general wellbeing.”

Fellow Agria sponsored rider and eventing star Ros Canter said all her horses hack.

“In my mind, it is good for them and the jockeys – me included,” she said. “It is a good time to practice transitions and lateral work out of the arena, while some horses just benefit from hacking on a longer rein in a relaxed outline.

“Babies learn their trade by hacking with others and learning to cross terrain and improve their eye-hoof coordination.”

This is the first Agria Ride with similar events being hosted the same weekend by Agria in Sweden and Norway.

“Agria is committed to helping horses stay fitter, sounder and healthier for longer,” said Vicki Wentworth, Agria’s Managing Director and keen amateur eventer. “Having a balanced lifestyle is such an important part of this.

“The variety provided by working on different surfaces and over varied terrain, not only keeps horses physically in shape but also mentally fresh. Being out and about, come rain or shine, is brilliant for us riders too.

“For me, enjoying the countryside, and all it offers with my horse, is the perfect antidote to the stresses and pressures of daily life.”

Clare Prysbet from the RDA said the charity was pleased to be partnering with Agria for its first Agria Ride.

“Its generous donations will help us continue to deliver life-changing programming of equestrian sport and horse therapy, across every corner of the UK, to people living with disabilities,” she said. “Here at RDA, we know all about the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that being around horses provides and so we are sure everyone will enjoy their hacking out over the weekend!”

To find out more, about the Agria Ride, visit www.agriapet.co.uk/agria-ride

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