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  • Elite event rider and social media star Ben Hobday talks about his emotional battle back to full health and competition after being diagnosed with cancer
  • Five minutes with former popstar manager and Pop Idol judge Nicki Chapman — the TV and Radio 2 presenter who loves hacking and once fell off during a lesson with Carl Hester
  • Why taking up another sport will do wonders for your riding skills. There’s something to suit everyone: from rowing to rugby and gymnastics to running
  • The work-horse balance of the charity founder and mother of one whose Irish Draught cross is her downtime from long hours working to restore the planet

In Your Horse’s training…

Three ingenious exercises that will make pole work exciting — and extremely beneficial

  • Why the humble neck strap is a vital piece of kit for every rider’s tack room
  • Jay Halim’s exercises for channeling a fresh horse’s excess energy during a jumping session
  • An in-depth look at the biomechanics of canter, helping you understand how the horse’s body works at this pace so that you can keep him healthy and sound
  • Schooling solutions: turn a lazy dressage horse into an active one

In Your Horse’s care…

  • A step-by-step guide to managing unruly behaviour when leading an excited horse to the field
  • Carrot stretches you can do at home to help your horse feel his best and fulfil his athletic ability
  • Vet advice: essential checks you need to make now, as we approach the end of winter
  • Your guide to getting your horse fit again following time off or quieter time over winter
  • Showing stars Simon and Natalie Reynolds share their advice for keeping cob’s in tip-top condition

In Ask The Experts…

  • Managing your horse’s behavioural quirks, including mares who don’t like fuss and spooking out hacking
  • Why joining a riding club is a great way to make new friends, grow your confidence and provides access to training opportunities and competitions at a level to suit you
  • Equestrian planning permission: change of use for outbuildings and building new stables
  • Recognising pain: how much jumping is too much, best practice for managing mud fever and why a horse might misbehave when being rugged

In Your Horse’s gear…

  • We test seven humane mane thinners
  • Trimmers to keep unsightly stray hairs at bay
  • Buyer’s guide to magnetic therapy
  • Best practice for caring for your leather tack so that it lasts for years
  • A selection of some of the best new gear that’s hit the shelves