• Master the skills of top-level turnout with our 48-page special
  • Reader’s stories – how you’ve stayed positive while coping with Covid-19
  • Bridleway SOS – record your favourite routes before they disappear
  • The importance of bridle fit

June issue of Your Horse on sale now.
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Despite these challenging times, the Your Horse team has put together a bumper issue for you — a whole 164 pages of it! If you’re not riding there’s a great lungeing workout from dressage rider and trainer Sarah Ridd. Follow her advice to check that your horse is getting all the benefits lungeing can bring to his training.

If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration then our interview with young showjumper Joe Stockdale is a must. He talks openly about his late dad, Tim, his hopes for the future and how he and the rest of his yard are coping during coronavirus.

Another thought-provoking feature is the second part of our Fit Not Fat series. This time we explore obesity and the serious health implications it can have, highlighting the importance of us all keeping a watchful eye on our horse’s waistlines while their workload has lessened.

We understand with the current lockdown in place it may be more difficult to get hold of Your Horse magazine, that’s why every issue of Your Horse is available to buy online, either as a single issue or subscription, to get delivered to your door. We’re also still available on digital platforms.

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· We interview Joe Stockdale about his horses, his father’s legacy and living in lockdown.

· Dressage for all – why you should consider giving Team Quest and My Quest a go.

· Turnout guide 2020

In Your Horse’s Training:

· How to put together an effective workout for your horse on the lunge.

· Improve his off the floor paces with a polework grid to develop cadence.

· The scales of training – how these six fundamentals should form the basis of all your training.

· Two fun exercises to improve your horse’s rideability.

· A step-by-step guide to tackling skinnies with confidence.

In Horse Care:

· Fit Not Fat – how obesity will affect your horse’s health.

· Veterinary advice on Equine Cushing’s disease.

· An explanation of photosensitivity and how it can be managed.

In Gear:

· Discover how important it is to have a correctly fitting bridle.

· What’s new on the market.

· The big test – ear bonnets.

· On trend – body brushes.

· Buyers guide to body protectors.


· Getting the work/home/horses balance right – an arborist helping run a company while looking after two horses (one in foal).

· Ask the experts – we get your questions on training, behaviour, hoof care and jumping answered.

· Your stories on coping during the Covid-19 lockdown.

· We talk to Gillian Larson about her adventures.

· WIN a lesson with Sharon Hunt thanks to Baileys Horse Feeds.