Riding in the school can get a bit boring, so get your pony’s brain working with some quick and easy pole exercises.

1. Weave between tramlines


You’ll need three sets of tramlines.

  • Place one set on the three-quarter line, in line with F.
  • Place the second set on the opposite three-quarter line, lined up with E.
  • Place the final tramline on the original three quarter line, next to H.

How to ride it

Start on the left rein in walk and weave your way through the poles.

Aim to use your leg aids to encourage your horse to weave through the poles.

Go as straight as you can through the tramlines.

Once you’ve mastered it in walk on both reins, try it in trot.

2. Zig zag to strengthen your pony


In the middle of your school, place four poles on the ground, around 1.2m-1.7m apart, depending on how big your pony’s stride is.

Lift one end of each pole alternately by about 30cm. It should look like a zig zag.

How to ride it

Start on the right rein in walk. Look ahead for your poles and turn your pony towards them, aiming for the centre of each pole.

Ride straight over the poles, keeping your body upright and looking straight ahead.

Once over the poles, ride straight back towards the track and change the rein. Repeat on the other rein.

This exercise gets your pony lifting his legs up and engaging his core. Once you feel happy with it in walk, try the same in trot. This is a tough exercise for your pony, so try not to over do it. A couple of times on each rein is plenty.