If you have a horse or pony aged 15 years or over, your thoughts and insights could help contribute to valuable research into veteran equines. The team at Spillers have launched a new Senior Horse Survey and the results will help the feed company learn more about the specific needs of veterans.

Traditionally, horses and ponies of 15 years or over, were classified as ‘senior’ but perspectives are continuing to change and horses are staying active and ‘youthful’ for longer, largely because of improvements in knowledge, management and care. Spillers data suggests that around 40 percent of horses and ponies in the UK may now be in this age category.

“With more and more horse owners now caring for ‘seniors’ we are on a mission to gather more in-depth information about management practices,” said Sarah Nelson, Product Manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the Spillers brand.

“If you own or care for a horse or pony who is 15 years or over, we would be very grateful if you could participate in our survey. The results will help us identify how we can provide the best support for senior horses nutritionally, to help keep them in optimum health throughout the ageing process.”

Participants will also have the chance to win free feed by completing the survey. The questionnaire is set up with one horse or pony in mind. Those who own more than one horse or pony of 15 years or over, can complete a survey for each horse. Every completion will provide an additional entry into the prize draw.

Click here to complete the survey. To access to the survey results, add your email address at the end of the survey. If you submit your email address, you’ll also be added to a prize draw for your chance to win a £50 Spillers feed voucher.

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