With a file full of positive case studies and six years of treating horses with microcurrent therapy under her belt, human and equine therapist Dawn Rothwell is keen to spread the word about this non-invasive treatment.

“I was first introduced to the benefits of microcurrent using Alpha-Stim technology after meeting with veterinarian Ava Frick who runs a highly successful pain clinic treating horses and dogs using the device in the USA”, says Dawn. “After using the Alpha-Stim myself I’ve managed to develop various methods of using it with horses that have all been successful.”

How MET works

An MET machine like the Apha-Stim unit produces two sequences of minute, cell-specific electrical currents that work at the same level as those that naturally occur in your horse’s body. The electrical currents enhance cellular processes, which can initiate and sustain the chemical and electrical reactions that occur in the healing process. MET has been proven to restore full function to damaged structures in a fraction of the usual time, reducing scar tissue and resulting in a far better outcome.

What can MET help

Here are just some things this therapy can help with

  • Reduces healing time of open wounds
  • Calms horses and reduces stress
  • Disperses swelling, bruising and inflammation
  • Reduces and eliminates pain
  • Reduces inflammation and improves circulation
  • Repairs bone, nerve and soft tissue damage
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Disperses lactic acid helping to prevent the onset of Azoturia (tying up)
  • Reduces and prevents muscle soreness
  • Boosts soft tissue performance
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Kick-starts and accelerates regenerative healing in internal and external tissue

It really works!

From her extensive file of success stories Dawn shares just a few of them, proving how amazing MET is.

Stormy Lady was successfully treated with Microcurrent therapy

Stormy Lady was suffering from arthritis in both hocks, and her owner, Sharon Hoyle, had been told there was also arthritis in her shoulder. Her vet had recommended that Stormy Lady should be put to sleep. After just one MET treatment Stormy Lady was sound. This was followed up with a further two treatments and she’s now back in full work. Following this amazing result, Sharon has bought her own Alpha-Stim to manage her other two horses – one with kissing spines, the other with ligament damage.

Ikke is back out competing thanks to Microcurrent treatment

Ikke was a trigeminal head shaker and was admitted to Leahurst equine hospital for tests and treatment. The vets described him as one of the worst they’d seen, recording his head shaking 60-80 times per minute. The owner Mrs M Morris was desperate and asked Dawn to take a look. After only one treatment the head shaking appeared to have stopped. This was followed up with daily treatments for 4 days and Ikke still shows no signs of head shaking. He’s now back in full work and competing regularly.

To book an appointment, call Dawn Rothwell on 07825529054 or Shaun McGrath on 07887977977.

Daily CES treatment with the Alpha-Stim is available from £35 per month and is available from www.alpha-stim.co.uk

The Alpha-Stim M for pain relief retails at £599 excluding VAT.