Groom Helen Babington-Smith shares her tips on how to get your horse mud free without using lots of water.

Without the help of a hose, the only way to get mud off is through hard work. I’d let it dry, then use a rubber or plastic curry comb to break the mud up, then flick it off with a long bristled dandy brush.

Then use the curry comb again, this time alternating it with a body brush to get the underlying dust out. Finally sponge over the worst areas with a damp, not wet, sponge
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Products to try

You can also use a grooming mitt with grooming spray. I use NAF Shine On, but other brands include Absorbine Miracle Groom and ShowSheen Hair Polish and Detangler.

Manes and tails

For manes and tails, comb through and use a detangler. If possible, wash in a bucket of water as combing mud out can damage the hair.