At one point or another we’ve taken a look at the clouds looming above, checked the weather forecast and forgone a ride to avoid the impending downpour. There are plenty of reasons to stay warm and dry indoors, but if you have the right equipment, you can still get out and about to enjoy a wet ride.

Many of us worry about our saddles when heading out in the rain – they are often one of our most expensive purchases, and we want to keep them protected from the elements. Here are three ways the Hack 1,000 Miles riders keep their saddles dry during a rainy ride.

1. Use a saddle cover

A long-time favourite for many riders, a waterproof saddle cover is a quick and easy way to keep your saddle dry.

There are plenty available in a range of colours, sizes, and cuts so you can find the perfect fit for your saddle.

“I have a ride-on saddle cover,” says Alli Lawson. “It’s waterproof but not slippery, and has holes for the stirrup leathers to come through.”

2. Wear a long coat

Whilst this can be quite an investment to make, these coats are often comfortable and versatile enough to be worn in and out of the saddle. They are extra long, and come with zippers or poppers to undo to let the bottom of the coat cover your saddle, and even your horse.

“I have a full-length mac designed for riding,” says Julie Cook. “It covers me, the saddle, and a lot of my horse too.”

Long riding coats are designed to keep you warm and dry, not specifically the saddle, so keep this in mind.

3. Try a riding skirt

This can be easily taken on and off, and would suit you if you already have a favourite jacket to ride in. As well as protecting the saddle, this keeps you warm and dry. It’s also quick and easy to put on and take off.

“I’ve borrowed a fleece-lined riding skirt from a friend and it’s great,” shares Pip Mead. “It keeps me really warm too.”

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