The February issue of Your Horse is on sale today! This month we celebrate our 40th anniversary and 500th issue by taking a look back over the years. It’s also packed full of all the regular training and care tips. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside…

Features you’ll enjoy…

  • Happy birthday Your Horse! We celebrate our 40th anniversary and 500th issue
  • Multi-medalled Paralympian Natasha Baker talks big moments, board games and babies
  • How you and your horse can hack your way to better fitness
  • The ins and outs of asking for cash in return for content on social media
  • Work/Horse Balance: Vodafone UK service relationship manager Anneliese Meissner
  • Take Five with para dressage rider, social media influencer and cerebral palsy suffered Tegan Vincent-Cooke

In Your Horse’s Training…

  • Former World Champion Ros Canter helps a rider regain her cross country mojo after a series of crashing falls
  • Fix it: Goal-setting secrets revealed
  • How hypnotherapy can rewire your brain to allow you to overcome your fears
  • Mia Palles-Clark explains how to use poles to boost confidence and perfect your canter

In Your Horse’s Care…

  • The effect that crookedness can have on your horse’s soundness
  • We ask the experts what you should do if your horse goes down and can’t get up
  • #FitNotFat: Assessing your horse’s condition and giving them a routine MOT
  • Learn about your horse’s complex sinus system and what can go awry

In Ask The Experts…

  • Farriery tips with farrier Dale Beecham: Protect your horse’s feet during wet spells; what type of nails are best?; what constitutes ‘adequate facilities’ for your farrier?
  • Riding advice with UKCC Level 3 coach and five star eventer Coral Hardman: How to settle a snatcher; working the young horse in winter; lessons in not leaning
  • Behaviour with Equine Behaviour Affiliation registered psychology specialist Felicity George: Dealing with hormones; tips to outwit a horse who won’t be caught; do horses get jealous?
  • Saddle issues with director of The Saddle Bank and master saddle fitting consultant Jade Holly Smith: What it means if your horse swishes their tail; are white hairs normal?; saddles for tall pony riders

Your Horse’s Gear…

  • Our selection of the latest equestrian goodies to hit the market
  • Big test: Mediumweight turnout rugs to keep your horse warm and dry in inclement weather
  • Trimmers to tidy up those hard-to-reach places
  • Buyer’s Guide to stable toys

Competitions to enter…

You could win goodies galore to keep you and your horse healthy, safe and happy

Where to buy your copy…