The 2023 Hack 1000 Miles challenge has come to an end — and what an incredible year it has been! A record number of riders have hacked their horse across the finish line. Congratulations to every rider who took part, and a big thanks to our sponsors Wintec, Equisafety and Enduro Equine. How ever many miles you covered, we hope you enjoyed giving it a go. This is your own personal journey: the only rule is to have fun!

Here is the final Wall of Fame to mark the end of this hacking year. All of the incredible riders pictured have successfully hacked 1,000 miles in the last 12 months. Find out more about them below…

Rosie with Larry (left) and Darty (right)

Meet the finisher: Rosie Martin

Rosie, 57, is a charity director from Somerset

Horses: 10-year-old Irish cob Larry (owned for three years) and six-year-old Arab Darty (owned for seven months)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: 2021 (completed), 2022 (completed)

Why did you sign up?: “I first signed up in 2021 as my friend Kate was doing it, and she suggested I should too. I love stats, numbers, tracking and seeing improvements, and was totally up for it. I didn’t expect to complete the first 1,000 miles within a year, but I did.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “Hacking out in fabulous countryside, finding new routes, making new hacking friends, and seeing my horses both grow in fitness as well as confidence. I also love seeing other challengers’ adventures from around the world, their highs and sadly their lows. The Facebook group is lovely and supportive. I’ve done a crazy amount of miles since April 2023, but I just keep plodding on.”

Any low moments? “When Larry naps at the same corner or Darty spooks at the same van day after day it can get demoralising. It’s not enough to stop us going back the very next day to do it all again, though.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again?: “Of course. No question of it!”

Ruth and Puzzle

Meet the finisher: Ruth Ferris

Ruth, 61, is a retired primary school teacher from Gloucestershire

Horse: 13-year-old cob cross Puzzle, whom she has owned for eight years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: This was Ruth’s first attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I signed up to keep me motivated over the winter months and during not so good weather.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I’ve most enjoyed travelling to new places to ride, keeping the challenge fresh with new routes and riding with like minded friends.”

Any low moments? “The biggest challenge has been the relentless rain and poor ground this winter, which made off-road riding more challenging. I have been so grateful to have had transport so we could travel to places with better ground. The Quantocks and the Forest of Dean have been favourites this winter.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I shall be taking part again. I’m hoping to match or even beat this year’s total.”

Ann and Clippy

Meet the finisher: Ann Smith

Ann, 59, is a farm secretary from Oxfordshire

Horse: 18-year-old Irish sports horse Clippy, whom she has owned for five years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “We have done this every year since we’ve been a partnership and each time we have completed the challenge, getting further each year.”

Why did you sign up?: “I signed up for the challenge so I could keep us both fitter.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “We’ve enjoyed getting out as often as possible. Clippy has coped with everything we have encountered in both familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. She loves exploring and marches out very well, looking at everything.”

Any low moments? “It’s been so wet on the farm and we have had to do more road work due to flooding.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “We will definitely take part in the next challenge. Our return trip to the Lake District in May will certainly add some miles and get us off to a good start.”

Stacey and Jack

Meet the finisher: Stacey Marshall

Stacey, 46, is a betting shop manager from Northamptonshire

Horse: 16-year-old Irish sports horse Jack, whom she has owned for seven years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “This is the first time I’ve attempted the challenge and have loved being part of it and seeing everyone’s hacking stories and pictures.”

Why did you sign up?: “I’ve hung up my showjumping jacket but still wanted to feel we had achieved something without so much pressure. I also knew it would encourage me to be more adventurous and see new places, which we achieved both from the yard and also travelling to get to some places to explore which were further afield.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “The best part of the challenge was just being out and about chatting with the boy seeing new sights.”

Any low moments? “I’ve had a few low moments when I’ve just not been in the mood to ride but this challenge made me get my bum in gear and saddle up. When we were out, as usual my mood lifted and I felt better for it.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I’m going to take part again, but I may not pressure myself as much. Then again, I might try and beat this year’s miles — we’ll see!”

Camilla riding Anna (top) and Star (bottom)

Meet the finisher: Camilla Mascall

Camilla, 70, is a bridleways group volunteer from Worcestershire

Horses: 16-year-old part-bred Arab Anna and 10-year-old Arab cross Star

Why did you sign up for #Hack1000Miles? “I always do a lot of miles as I love hacking and exploring different areas.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I have enjoyed seeing how hacking can bring so much pleasure to us all in the Facebook group, especially those for whom a very small distance means overcoming big challenges and the support that is given.”

Any low moments? “One of my horses has been very ill with several unrelated problems and this has been hard. She’s not out of the woods yet and her future is guarded. Exercise is part of her treatment and management.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will take part next year. I am lucky enough to be able to do a large mileage, with plenty of time and two horses.”

Jackie and Orchid

Meet the finisher: Jacqueline Corsie

Jacqueline, 64, is a retired swimming coach from Aberdeenshire

Horse: 14-year-old Highland pony Orchid, whom she has owned for eight years

Why did you sign up for #Hack1000Miles?: “I’ve signed up for the challenge several times but this is the first time I’ve completed it. We finished it on the 30th of November.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I found it very motivating and I have enjoyed riding in some of Scotland’s stunning countryside. I live very close to a beach where I can ride for hours without seeing anyone.”

Any low moments? “There’s not been many lows apart from the wet muddy winter we’ve all had. Hacking is something I love doing, just exploring the countryside with my pony.”

Pip and Archie

Meet the finisher: Pip Mead

Pip, 58, is a sheep farmer in North Yorkshire

Horse: 16-year-old Dales pony Roandale Archie, whom she has owned for 10 years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “This is our second year of taking part and completing the challenge.”

Why did you sign up?: “It is always something I have wanted to do but neither of us were really fit enough. Following a diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment during 2020/21, I decided that we were going to get fit and take on the challenge.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “Most of the time we hack alone and I have really enjoyed spending time with my boy and exploring the area around our farm on the North Yorkshire Moors. As our fitness has improved we have been able to go further afield and try new tracks. The challenge has given us the incentive to push ourselves further.”

Any low moments? “The hardest part about this year’s challenge has been the awful wet winter weather that we have had to endure.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I plan to take part again next year but it will probably be a joint effort with both my Dales ponies as I have just backed my five-year-old Roandale Spartan.”

Krissie and Picasso

Meet the finisher: Krissie Jones

Krissie, 60, is a retail worker from Hereford

Horse: 15-year-old Standardbred Picasso, whom she has owned for three years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “We did it for the first time in 2022 but missed it by 16 miles!”

Why did you sign up?: “Hacking has helped us get fit for the rides we do.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I enjoy long hacks, especially on a dry bright day and it’s good motivation for Picasso too as he wouldn’t make a good field ornament. Last October we had a go at the first Man v Horse Quantocks race, where we were the second horse home.”

Any low moments? “At times it’s been a slog with horrid weather and a less than willing hacking partner who tries to turn for home at the earliest opportunity.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “Yes, we will continue doing Hack 1000 Miles.”

Alison and Dan

Meet the finisher: Alison Roberts

Alison, 55, is head of national accounts in Lincolnshire

Horse: 16-year-old Irish cob Dan, whom she has owned for six years.

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “We’ve entered three times before and completed it twice.”

Why did you sign up?: “To have a goal to aim towards, and keep the weight off Dan. He’s a cob after all!”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I’ve enjoyed meeting up with friends and new like-minded riders on pleasure rides. I’ve also loved building the confidence up to go on solo rides.”

Any low moments? “I broke two bones in my hand, so I had to have six weeks off in May and June. I missed peak hacking time!”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “Definitely”

Joanna and Skippy

Meet the finisher: Joann Lunn

Joanna, 60, is a vet nurse from Hampshire

Horse: 19-year-old New Forest Skippy, whom she has owned for 19 years

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I wanted to see if we could do it.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I have enjoyed spending more time with Skippy and hacking out in new places.”

Any low moments? “The relentless rain made the latter part of the challenge challenging.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I am definitely signing up again; I want to see if I can do it in less time.”

Sarah and Dora

Meet the finisher: Sarah Walton

Sarah, 58, is a charity worker from Worcestershire

Horse: 10-year-old Welsh cross American paint horse Dora (owned for three years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I signed up because I entered Man v Horse in the Breacon Beacons, so was using it to track the many miles I clock up as part of our fitness regime.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I have enjoyed tracking the miles and also following all the other folks on the Facebook page as they also build up the miles.”

Any low moments? “The real low, as I am sure many horse owners will agree, has been this wet winter. It has meant wading through mud; our usual riding off road is too wet and quaggy to ride on. So this winter has proved a real challenge to get any miles in at all.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will be signing up. I like having a goal to work towards.”

Ali and Ella

Meet the finisher: Ali Shiels

Ali, 53, is a psychotherapist from Northern Ireland

Horse: 11-year-old Harlingen Ella (owned for five years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: In2020 (rode 786 miles), 2021 (rode 623 miles) and 2022 (completed)

Why did you sign up?: “I signed up for a few reasons. I wanted to have a goal I could aim for, that would challenge me and motivate me. Also because I was nervous hacking on the road and wanted to try and conquer that fear.

“Having something to aim for and being a part of the Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group and seeing everyone’s posts and reading their stories — that motivated me to push on and get over my fears. I guess just seeing how many others were doing it, I realised I could do the same.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “What I’ve enjoyed most is the freedom this challenge has given us. I’ve conquered my fears, which now means I’m brave enough to go to all kinds of places. I’ve explored anywhere and everywhere, and have ridden in some breathtaking places. It’s been amazing.

“This challenge has profoundly changed me as a rider. I went from being cautious and even nervous to now going anywhere and everywhere, and literally living life to the absolute full with my amazing Ella. Without this challenge, I still think I’d be stuck in the same rutt I was in four years ago.

“Together, both Ella and myself have grown in confidence and our partnership together is incredible. We both trust each other explicitly and our connection and bond is so deep.”

Any low moments? “I haven’t really had any difficulties or low moments. I’ve honestly loved doing this challenge.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I’ll definitely be taking part again.”

Helen riding Clementine

Meet the finisher: Helen Chester

Helen, 48, is a director from Leicestershire

Horses: Eight-year-old Clydesdale Harrison (owned for eight years), six-year-old Clydesdale Clementine (owned for six years), and 23-year-old cob cross Chester (owned for 21 years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “My main reason for signing up is that I simply love hacking. I wanted to track my miles and understand how far we ride. The online tracking is so useful as I can see when and how far I ride. Having a target keeps me motivated and I like seeing how my riding habits compare to others.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “Spending so much time with the horses. It’s the best part of being a horse owner: all the hours together, just me and my horse, exploring and having adventures.”

Any low moments? “This winter has been so hard. I have had a significant flare up of my arthritis and combined with the constant rain and terribly muddy conditions I started to feel I didn’t even want to come to the yard. The challenge and support from the Facebook group got me over the hump and riding again.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “Absolutely. I’d love to ride even further.”

Fiona and Mai

Meet the finisher: Fiona Valentine

Fiona is a public health worker from Powys

Horse: 20-year-old Arab cross Welsh cob Mai

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “We have previously done endurance to advanced level and I wanted something to keep her (and me) fit as we get older.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I have enjoyed exploring. I do lots of walking to check out new routes beforehand and have found some wonderful ones. My highlight was a three-day ride across Wales to Borth with two friends.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I hope to take part again, maybe with my other horse Reuben.”

Miranda with Derry (left) and Dash (right)

Meet the finisher: Miranda Kavanagh

Miranda, 65, is a part-time worker from East Sussex

Horses: 23-year-old Thoroughbred cross Connemara Derry (owned for 19 years) and 11-year-old Arab Dash (owned for eight years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up? “I like to have something to aim for, particularly in the dark days of winter. I’m an endurance rider and I need something to keep me going when there’s no endurance, not enough hours in the day, and it’s mostly raining.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “What I have enjoyed has been seeing my progress on the tracker and feeling as though I am achieving something every day, even in winter, plus the little element of competition in the digital league table. It’s been very motivational to fill in that Progress Tracker table each time I ride, when sometimes I might not feel like being tested by Dash, or the weather is foul.”

Any low moments? “The only low moments have been finding the motivation to ride out when I’m short of time, days are short and it’s cold and wet. I’m a firm believer in exercise being really important for horse’s well being, so I ride Dash four times a week and Derry two or three times. They also get plenty of rest. With my philosophy about exercise, I will myself to get out there. Putting my miles in the tracker is part of my daily ritual and makes me feel good.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will definitely sign up again.”

Heather riding Pagan

Meet the finisher: Heather Emery

Heather, 60, is a retiree from Wiltshire

Horses: 16-year-old Irish sports horse Kit-Kat (owned for 12 years), six-year-old cob Sausage (owned for one year) and seven-year-old cob Pagan (owned for six years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I signed up because I know I ride a lot, and thought it would be interesting to find out just how much.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I enjoy seeing everyone’s photos and hearing their stories.”

Any low moments? “We have had a lot of rain this year. I’m not a fair weather rider, but the rain has got even me down this year.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “Yes, I’ll do it all again. I have a three-year-old who will be starting ridden work when he’s four too.”

Pamela and Star

Meet the finisher: Pamela Bartrip

Pamela, 75, is a part-time RDA coach and retired teacher from Oxfordshire

Horse: 17-year-old Thoroughbred/cob cross Star (owned for four years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “I first started doing Hack 1000 Miles in 2018 with my previous horse Nutmeg.”

Why did you sign up? “I initially signed up to do the challenge because I was mainly doing dressage on Nutmeg and wanted to do something different.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I thoroughly enjoy going out on hacks with Star as she is very forward going and loves to see everything going on around her. She is a joy to ride.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will be doing more challenges until both she and I decide to call it a day. Hopefully that will be many years in the future.”

Claire and Golan

Meet the finisher: Claire Wall

Claire is an osteopath from Worcestershire

Horse: 10-year-old Thoroughbred cross cob Bailey (owned for six years) and 16-year-old ex-racehorse Golan (owned for three years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: First attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I took on the challenge to encourage me to clock my miles and see just how far I ride.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I’ve really enjoyed taking part, particularly meeting up with other like-minded friends, Amanda Barker and Judy Clarke, and meeting and making new friends along the way. The Facebook group is lovely; it’s such a friendly group, where riders offer help and advice along the way and share each other’s highs and lows.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will take part again. I hope to do it on my Thoroughbred mare Molly, but who knows what the future will bring.”

Christine and Mojo

Meet the finisher: Christine Sutton

Christine, 72, is a retiree from South Yorkshire

Horse: 15-year-old cob Mojo (owned for six years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: Third attempt

Why did you sign up?: “I wanted to do more riding solo and further afield which I am happy to say we have now achieved.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I have enjoyed the challenge for what we have achieved over the last 12 months.”

Any low moments? “We had a difficult moment at the end of March when Mojo had a bout of colic. I thought we might not be able to complete the challenge after coming so far but he made a full recovery.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will be taking part again next year.”

Amanda and Ben

Meet the finisher: Amanda Barker

Amanda, 55, is a housewife and mum of four from Shropshire

Horse: 27-year-old Welsh section D Ben (owned for eight years) and 16-year-old Irish sports horse cross cob Romeo (owned for ten years)

Previous attempts at #Hack1000Miles: “I’ve attempted it five times and this is the first time I’ve made it.”

Why did you sign up? “Originally to give me something to aim towards whilst I worked on my confidence hacking Ben alone.”

What is the best thing about taking part? “I’ve loved doing the challenge, pushing myself to ride more and exploring the countryside with good friends.”

Any low moments? “It was tricky early in this challenge as Romeo was coming back into work after vet treatment. I hadn’t had much experience rehabbing a horse and he was quite lively to walk out at first. I used the challenge to spur me on to get him going again and it really improved our partnership.”

Are you doing #Hack1000Miles again? “I will definitely be taking part again.”

Other finishers

The following riders also completed #Hack1000Miles this year. Congratulations to:

  • Sarah Whereat
  • Linda Joseph
  • Jane Outterson
  • Debbie Whyte
  • Zoe Morton
  • Sarah Hamilton
  • Sue Squirrell

How to take part in #Hack1000Miles

Today (1 April 2024) is the start of a new hacking year. Everyone can take part. Here’s how to get involved:

  • If you’d like to take part in the challenge, you can sign up and participate for free. Just
  • Sign up for the digital leaderboard and start logging your miles. Remember to opt in for our regular #Hack1000Miles e-newsletters too.
  • Join the Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group to share your photos and stories to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes from sponsors Wintec Saddles and Equisafety.
  • Remember, it’s free to sign up and all hacking counts. You can go out in hand, ridden and carriage driving. Fun rides count too.

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