Your Horse’s Hack 1000 Miles challenge relaunches today (Monday 1 April, 2024). The challenge offers a great goal for those who love hacking a horse, while helping you form a closer bond with your horse and get inspired by other likeminded riders. It’s free to take part and once you’ve signed up, you will be in for a chance to win some really exciting prizes from our wonderful sponsors Equisafety and Wintec, including a one-of-a-kind 340° camera and a brand new saddle.

How does it work?

To take part, simply sign up to our Digital Leaderboard, log your miles and see how far you can go. Whether you plan to complete the full 1000 miles or have more modest ambitions, everyone is welcome to take part. We want to unite even more riders from around the world this year and give them the confidence and drive to get out and enjoy the countryside with their horses.

Whether you ride solo or in a group, take part in long treks and fun rides or just enjoy a potter around the block, all the miles you cover count. You can ride, drive or lead your horse or pony in hand. We only have one rule, and that is that only hacking miles count.

We also have a friendly Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group where you can share your progress with other participants and find inspiration from their journeys. We love hearing about how you’re getting on, so please do share and be sure to tag your posts with #Hack1000Miles.

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Rewards for your miles

To be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes, you’ll need to sign up to the digital leaderboard*, where you can log your miles. You’ll also need to join the Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group to share your hacking photos and stories. This is where we pick winners each month.

Equisafety is offering one of its brand new hat cameras, OculosPro, to the challenger crowned Hack 1000 Miles Rider of the Year. Every one who signs up to the Digital Leaderboard and shares their hacking journey in the Facebook group is in the running for this prize. It’s not about how far you go, but making every mile count.

Pictured is the new Equisafety hat camera, one of the new prizes up for grabs to #Hack10000Miles challengersThe high resolution OculosPro camera has a 2000-pixel resolution and attaches to the side of your hat. It records in front and behind the rider and is purpose-made for riders. It costs £239.95 and includes free delivery, a protective case and 64gb SD card.

“The new camera is the first in the world to be a 2k dual camera with 340° recording vision, something I’m quite proud of,” Equisafety founder Nicky Fletcher told Your Horse.

Equisafety will also be offering monthly prizes from its equestrian safety range. These will be awarded to the riders who share the best hacking view photo on our Hack 1000 Miles Facebook group.

Prizes from Wintec

Fellow and long-standing #Hack1000Miles sponsor Wintec will be offering seven prizes from April to October. Winners can choose between a Wintec girth or a pair of Wintec stirrup straps.

Girths include the Wintec Anatomic girth, Wintec Pro Chafeless elastic girth, Wintec Chafeless elastic girth or Wintec elastic girth.

“Wintec girths are world renowned to be the most comfortable and durable girths available at an unrivalled value for money,” a Wintec spokesman told Your Horse.

“They feature high quality brass or stainless steel fittings, elastic and anti-galling material, ensuring symmetrical give throughout the length of the girth for increased comfort as your horse works.” Pictured is a girth from Wintec, one of the prizes up for grabs for riders taking part in #Hack1000Miles

Stirrup straps include the Wintec Pro Webbers, Wintec Webbers, Wintec Kids Webbers, Wintec Pro Stirrup Straps, Wintec Slimline Stirrup Straps, Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Straps or Wintec Pro Stock Stirrup Straps.

“Wintec stirrups straps were developed with your comfort and safety in mind,” they added. “They are durable, easy-care, soft and supple, featuring a stainless steel riveted buckle design to eliminate any interference with your leg and feature a webbing core for increased strength.”

One lucky rider who reaches the 1000-mile mark will win a Wintec saddle of their choice — an amazing reward for all your efforts.

Share your passion

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Your Horse Magazine (out 25 April) which is our #Hack1000Miles special, including our coveted tracking card, allowing you to track your miles by pen as well as online. It’s a great reminder pinned to your fridge or tack room door of just how far you have come.

If you choose to log your miles solely on the card tracker rather than online, you can submit your total mileage by uploading a photo of yourself with your tracker card to the Hack 1,000 Miles Facebook group or email it to

And if you love hacking and want to be kept in the loop, but aren’t able to join in the challenge this year, you can still sign up to receive our free Hack 1000 Miles e-newsletter, which is packed with hacking-related news and features, as well as our hack Wall of Fame, with pictures chosen from those submitted to our Facebook group.

We wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun. Happy Hacking!

*If you signed up to the #Hack1000Miles digital leaderboard previously, there’s no need to re-register as your account will be automatically be rolled over for the new year. All mileage resets to zero on 1 April 2024.

Lead image: Kelsey Media/Lucy Merrell

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