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One of the joys of social media is being able to connect with other riders. Whether to be entertained by their antics, learn something about their riding or training, see what the hacking is like in another part of the world, or find your hacking inspiration to get into the saddle when your mojo is low, there’s someone to follow. Here’s a roundup of just a few equestrians and horses who we think any #Hack1000Miles challenger would love to follow…

Kayleigh Tonkins

Instagram | TikTok

Based in Wales, Kayleigh regularly shares hatcam footage riding Arab cross Welsh cob Celt and standardbred Billy on their hacks, pleasure rides and endurance rides. One to watch if you’re interested in Man v Horse, the long distance race that pits human runners against horse riders, or riding long distances.

Endurance With Darcey

Instagram | TikTok

Victoria posts content of her long distance hacks and rides with her three horses, Darcey, Grebe and Max. She’s best known for her ‘Horses vs Dogs’ series, where she shares both the good and bad encounters she has with dogs. Many of these videos of these interactions have gone viral, and she has now started a petition to reform legislation to better protect horses and riders from dogs.

Conkering Hero

Instagram | TikTok

@conkeringhero So I guess thats a firm no… #chestnut #thoroughbred #horseriding #equestrianlife #equestriantiktok #ottb #gallop #galloping #lamehorse #gopro ♬ Do you want to say hi – Conkers

Watch along and follow ex-racehorse Conkers’ hacking antics. Best known for the viral video where he didn’t want to chat with the cows (above), his owner shares footage of their rides as well as an insight into regaining her knocked confidence. A partnership to follow if you want to be inspired to keep mounting up even when struggling with nerves.

Team Anna Endurance


Anna Bridges is a UK-based endurance rider and Endurance GB’s Development Squad Chef d’Equipe. She shares behind-the-scenes content of her training rides as well as photos and videos competing. Looking to give endurance a go or aim for some longer distance hacks? This is the rider you should follow.

Equestrians on social media who are doing Hack 1,000 Miles

Lots of challengers share their pictures, videos and hacking stories in the Hack 1,000 Miles Facebook group, but a few go a step further to document their adventures on their own personal pages. If you’re looking to follow along with someone’s progress, here are a few riders who do share the ups and downs of participating in the challenge…

Hoofin’ Around the Highlands

Facebook | Instagram

Claire Alldritt shares the incredible adventures she undertakes with her two horses Swift and Yogi as they explore the Scottish highlands. The trio regularly camp out on their trips that last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. In 2022, the trio completed the Hack 1,000 Miles challenge in a three-month trek that saw them raise over £5,000 for The Ambulance Staff Charity.

Welsh Equine Wanderings


Based in north Wales, secondary school teacher Glynwen gives her followers a glimpse into juggling her full time job alongside undertaking the Hack 1,000 Miles challenge with two horses, Blodwen and Stanli. She rides as well as takes her horses out in-hand, so is the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to take part in the challenge without relying on riding.

Diary of My Highland Pony

Facebook | Instagram

Jackie Corsie is completing the #Hack1000Miles challenge with Highland pony Orchid, and shares their adventures in a bid to show just how versatile her breed can be. Based near the coast in Aberdeenshire, Jackie regularly shares photos and videos of the stunning beaches the duo ride on.

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Lead image: Kelsey/Lucy Merrell

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