5 ways hacking benefits your horse

There's nothing quite like getting out into the countryside with your four-legged friend and exploring new routes together. 


It might all seem like fun and games, but hacking can really benefit your horse too. Not convinced? Check out these reasons to get out of the school and onto the bridleway. 

1. Engage your horse’s brain

Hacking provides variety in your horse’s work, which is vital for keeping him interested in life and keeping him on your side.

2. Ease his stiffness

Hacking out and moving around is perfect for keeping any stiffness or filled legs at bay, especially if your horse is in his twilight years.

3. Boost your horse’s confidence

Getting your horse out and about regularly, seeing, passing and coping with new unusual things, is one of the best ways to make him brave – he’ll be a much nicer ride than a spooky horse who lacks confidence.

4. Improve his fitness

Racking up the miles is good for your horse’s fitness levels, keeping health issues related to obesity and lack of fitness, such as laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome, under control.

5. Cheer your horse up

Finally, a hacking horse is a happy horse! Surely the goal of every horse owner?

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