5 benefits of hacking for horse riders

Benefits for the mind, body and soul – hacking with your horse covers it all. Here, we share a few of the many perks of getting out in the countryside with your horse.


1. It’s good for your health

Getting out in the fresh air is good for your head, heart and body.

A study conducted by the University of Derby in 2016 showed that spending more time interacting with nature and being in natural environments significantly boosted people’s health and happiness.

There’s also evidence to suggest that being exposed to nature can reduce hypertension, improve mood and boost your ability to focus.

2. Tone that bod

Horse riding is great exercise. It’s great for building your core strength, an essential skill for staying balanced in the saddle.

It also helps to tone your thighs – don’t believe us? Try cantering out of the saddle. You’ll soon feel the burn!

3. Improve your posture

Even though you’re not schooling, it’s still essential to have a good riding position.


Sitting up tall, looking ahead and lifting up through your ribcage on those long hacks will help to train your body into having better posture in and out of the saddle.

4. Catch up with friends

Hacking with family and friends is a great way to catch up while enjoying yourselves.

If you haven’t got any horsey friends to share the fun, why not head out on your horse while your friend or partner joins on a bicycle?

5. Boost your confidence

Hacking works wonders for your confidence in the saddle. There’s no pressure out hacking because you pick your own route and go at your own speed.

Without thinking about it, you’ll be negotiating variable terrain and coping with the unexpected – it all helps to improve how secure you feel in the saddle.


Benefits for your horse

Hacking is good for him too!

Want more reasons?


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