Add one of these cooling products to your riding kit and effectively cool down your horse’s body and legs after working on hot summer days.

The prize

3 Your Horse readers will each win an Equi-N-ice stable pack, which includes:

  • Cooling horse rug
  • Icesocks
  • Cooling bandages
  • Coolant Recharge

Chances are you’ll be riding your horse more and increasing the intensity of his workload during the summer. Whether it’s long evening hacks or days away competing, top-notch leg care is a must to help him stay sound and comfortable.

Equi-N-ice’s unique horse cooling system is a range of cooling products that provide an effective and easy way to deal with knocks, sprains and bruises, and generally keeping your horse cool.

All the products in the range are reuseable thanks to Coolant Recharge, which is applied to reinvigorate the cooling properties.

About the range

Equi-N-ice Icesocks are brilliant for post-work cooling down and provide instant cold treatment for mild strains and bruises.

The socks can be used on the knee and hock area as well as the lower leg. The Icesocks are made from a unique hi-tech four-way stretch fabric that allows complete joint mobility, while giving a perfect close fit without danger of tightening as it dries.

On particularly hot days, or for cooling down after hard work, there’s the active cooler rug. Simply soak in the Coolant Recharge and pop it on your horse to cool him down effectively without him catching a chill.

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