1 winner* will receive a Dakota waterproof long winter riding coat, a Dakota headband and a pair of Dakota socks

The flattering Dakota long winter coat is perfect for those colder days — it’s warm, insulated and waterproof, and just what you need to do battle with the weather. The Dakota knitted headband matches the coat, looks great and will help to keep you warm. Complete your outfit with a pair of Dakota socks. They have a soft padded foot for comfort and a soft stretchy calf — perfect for everyday use.

1 winner* will receive a pair of EGO7 Orion Field Boots

The EG07 Orion Field Boots are a superbly styled and designed with an elastic laced front for a classic and elegant look, and a sculpted calf design.

The boots are made from high quality leather and have a full-length zip up the back. Other features include a leather footbed with double anti-shock insole that’s

breathable and antibacterial, a padded heel guard for comfort, sleek adjustable spur rest and stitched toe cap.

4 winners* will each receive a Tocsen Crash Sensor

The latest development from Uvex and available from Equisafety— the Tocsen Crash Sensor is designed to help keep you safe while you are out riding.

In the event of a fall the sensor, which attaches to your riding hat, and the app work together to ask acoustically whether you’re okay.

If you do not respond, your list of emergency contacts and all the Tocsen community users nearby are alerted, allowing you to get the help you need as quickly as possible.

The closing date is 3 March 2022

*UK winners only. 

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