5 winners* will each receive Absorbine Silver Honey products

Absorbine is offering five lucky winners a bundle of Silver Honey products. Silver Honey is a combination of natural manuka honey and MicroSilver BG.

It provides an effective barrier against harmful bacteria and supports new skin cells. Silver Honey soothes and protects using proven natural ingredients so you will soon see results on minor wounds or tough skin conditions. Each winner will receive Silver Honey spray gel that gives continuous coverage to scrapes or wounds. Its touch-free application is ideal for large or hard to reach areas. Silver Honey Ointment provides long-lasting coverage and moisturisation. It effectively softens older, persistent scabs to aid in removal while providing a barrier against bacteria to allow wound healing. Silver Honey Neck tube is a yellow lightweight neck tube that can be worn as a face mask, headband, neck scarf, wristband, or a hairband.

5 winners* will each receive Horslyx Mint Balancers

Horslyx is offering five product bundles consisting of a 15kg Horslyx Mint Balancer, a 15kg Horslyx Holder and a handy Mint Mini Horslyx, perfect for stretching exercises. Balancing diets can be tricky, especially when autumn grass can provide more than enough calories. However, it doesn’t deliver a balanced diet so providing an alternative source of vitamins and minerals is recommended. Horslyx Balancers provide an essential balance of nutrients to counteract deficiencies in forage and grazing. Appetising Horslyx Mint Balancer is cost effective, costing from just 57p per day*, and from 1st September it’s part of the new Horslyx Loyalty Scheme where you can buy six balancers and get your seventh free. *When feeding 15kg Mint Balancer at the recommended intakes for an average 500kg horse.

4 winners* will each receive a Thermatex Dayglo Quarter Rug

Thermatex is giving away four Dayglo Quarter Rugs (QR). The QR is made using the same quilted fabric as the Thermatex cooler rugs, and is shaped to sit neatly over your horse’s quarters to provide essential warmth when needed. The vibrant dayglo colours make this the perfect quarter rug on or off road, ensuring motorists, cyclists and walkers can see you. The QR is also ideal for warming up during schooling sessions or at events. Fitting is easy — simply use the Velcro straps to attach it to the girth straps or the stirrup keepers. Choose from yellow, lime or orange.

The closing date is 14 October 2021

*UK winners only. 

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