SEIB Insurance Brokers established themselves in the equestrian industry more than 50 years ago and have remained one of the leading players in the market. As a client of SEIB you will benefit from the fact that the company has been built on a wealth of first hand equestrian experience. You really will have someone that understands the trials and tribulations of horse ownership on the other end of the phone.

We promise to review your insurance requirements closely and help you to make the right choice on the cover and value you need.   We have a range of insurers to provide cover and offer a complete range of insurance products.  

Our own staff will be out hacking and we’ll let you know every month how many miles #TeamSEIB have clocked up!

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1.       Horse & Pony

Did you know that the average veterinary fee claim last year was £1,500? The majority of horse owners would not have immediate access to this amount of money, which is why ensuring your horse is fully protected is essential.

Advances in diagnostic techniques, treatments and surgical procedures mean that should the worst happen your horse can receive top quality care and your insurance needs to reflect this.


3.       Yard, Business and Liability Insurance

Equestrian business like everything else in the equestrian world is unique and needs specialist insurance arrangements.

SEIB have cover available for riding schools, livery yards, farriers, equestrian specialists plus retailers and manufacturers and can even offer cyber cover. They can advise you on both Public and Employers’ liability so that should an accident happen, you and your business are covered.

2.       Horsebox & Trailer

SEIB have been insuring horseboxes and horse trailers for over 30 years and have the experience needed  to advise you on exactly what cover you need in order to keep yourself, your horses and your investment safe should the worst happen.

Breakdown cover is an optional extra and can even include the towing vehicle.  Discounts can be offered depending on value, size and where the horsebox/trailer is kept.  There is even £1,000 built in for personal

5.       Equestrian Home Insurance

SEIB have created the Equestrian Country Home policy to provide complete protection and a convenient solution for insuring all of the property and equipment associated with owning horses. A home with stables has all sorts of extras that a standard home and contents policy is not likely to cover. 

Even if you don’t keep your horses at home, our policy can still protect your tack, saddlery and other equipment!