The reigning amateur show riders and horses and ponies champions were crowned at the Your Horse Live SEIB Search for a Star (SFAS) finals on 10 November 2023. The classes included a variety of types, from plaited ponies to veterans, as well as the new in-hand heavy horse category.

Eleven champions were chosen in total. They were as follows:

In-hand Plaited Horse

Betheholyman, owned and handled by Mali Jones from Swansea

In-hand Plaited Pony

Rhos Elodie, owned by Sam Crutchlow and handled by Phoebe Crutchlow from Warwickshire

In-hand Veteran

Romany (Play The), owned and handled by Heidi Bull from Shropshire

In-hand Mountain and Moorland

Kirtonian Loch Birnie, owned and ridden by Liz Twite from Devon

In-hand Native and Traditional

Foxwell Butterscotch, owned by Louise Pepperdine and handled by David Pepperdine from Lincolnshire

In-hand Heavy Horse

Holbeache Scarlet, owned by Andrea Hoskins and handled by Brad Auker from Lincolnshire

Pony Club First Ridden

Desarbre Sparrow Hawk, owned by Lisa Croft and ridden by Millie Croft from Nottinghamshire

Pony Club Lead Rein

Thistledown Edison, owned by Mary-Jo Grant and ridden by Ianna Grant from Ross-Shire

Pony Club Open

Tregaire Tiger Lily, owned by Eloise Chugg-Martin and ridden by Rose Chugg-Martin from Gloucestershire

Mountain and Moorland Ridden

Nipna Outrageous, owned and ridden by Nicola Clarey from Lincolnshire

Open Veteran Ridden

Saffron XII, owned and ridden by Sarah Grindle from Gloucestershire

SEIB Search for a Star Supreme of Show

All of the winners pictured above went forward to Saturday’s supreme championship, where the Supreme of Show was crowned.

Images by SMR Photography