Vizirider LED Vest

I’ve never worn a hi-vis item of clothing with lights, so was keen to try out the LED Vest from Vizirider. The design is a traditional hi-vis vest style, incorporating reflective bands and zip closure, but with the added bonus of incorporated LED lights.

I was advised to go up a size, as the vest would usually be worn over layers of clothing, so requested a small as I am usually a 10-12. The vest fitted well and was slightly snug around the lower waist, so I would advise other riders to be mindful of this too when picking their size.

The lights are very easy to operate with a small unit hidden in a pocket at the bottom of the vest. Simply press the button once to turn on, again to make flash, and once more to turn off. I tended to use them with the steady on setting, but the flashing option would be useful for busier roads of very dull days.

My sometimes spooky horse was not alarmed by my newly lit-up self and I was impressed with how bright the lights appeared even on a fine winter’s day. Every time I have worn this vest on a hack I have noticed drivers and other road users passing with particular care, giving us lots of room and taking their time to do so, which is a huge advantage to wearing the product.

The battery is easy to charge via a USB port, but I haven’t needed to do so yet, despite wearing the item on many rides. There are also no signs of wear to the product. My only slight reservation was the lack of phone pocket for the vest, but most modern riding tights incorporate one themselves, so for many this wouldn’t be an issue. There is also no ‘Please pass wide and slow’ or similar messaging on the back of the vest, but despite this, motorists seem to pass with more care when it is worn, so it seems unnecessary.

The vest costs £39 including next day tracked delivery, which I think is very good value, considering some hi-vis vests without lights cost as much, and it appears to be well made. For this reason I would recommend the vest to riders looking to make themselves stand out as much as possible when hacking, as it gives you that extra brightness whatever the weather.

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