A VisiWhip flag is a hi vis flag which attaches to the end of a whip. It has a reflective triangle and ’10mph’ message. The appearance and movement of the flag is designed to help other road users notice riders and pass wide and slow. You can purchase it with a whip or buy the flag on its own to attach to your current whip, which is what I did.

First impressions

The VisiWhip flag looks robust and well made. It comes with full instructions for how to fix the flag onto your own whip plus tips for its use. You can purchase the flag with a compatible whip, but it works with any standard schooling whip, so I just tested the flag with a whip I already owned. It was easy to fix onto the whip (just be sure to open the packet carefully so not to lose the little clips which keep the flag in place).

Before heading off on the roads I gave my horse the chance to get used to the flag from the ground. He was interested but not alarmed, so once I was sure he was happy with it in this way I tried it in the school. He was a little sharper than usual but soon accepted it. I must note he is generally quite sensible and doesn’t take aversion to flapping objects, so be aware some horses may require more desensitisation, and perhaps don’t head out on a particularly windy day when you are new to using the flag.

My colleague Mel also tried out the flag with her lovely ex racehorse. She found he was a little more unsettled by the new piece of kit. They may revisit using it in the future, but it’s worth bearing that in mind that some horses may be more comfortable with the flag than others.


I ventured out around the lanes around our yard and immediately noticed drivers were passing with more care than usual. I’m not sure if they were wondering what the flag was, or understood its message to slow down, but either way I was grateful for their efforts. On every hack I’ve carried the whip flag since, I’ve noticed cars give us a wider birth and pass more slowly, which is fantastic.

We are generally lucky that motorists are mindful when passing horses in our village, so I don’t feel the need to have this flag with me on every ride, but it’s always good to have extra reassurance. I think it would be particularly useful for those who have to ride on a particularly busy road or tricky crossing to get to bridleways, to give you that all important extra visibility and time for motorists to spot you.

The length of your whip makes a difference. I wouldn’t usually go hacking in a schooling whip, but these are longer which means the VisiWhip flag is closer to the cars. You can use it on a short whip too, but it will be a lot closer to your hand.

Value for money

The whip flag is £19, which I think is very good value, especially when you consider how much it costs to fork out on some other hi vis/safety products.

Important info

RRP £19

Available to purchase here

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